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April 15, 2024 12:07pm

What are the best ball exercises?

Taking care of one's appearance is quite common at the moment. At the same time, however, not everyone likes the tedious workouts, so many people are looking for some interesting ideas for doing exercises. For example, there are quite interesting ball exercises, which can be done both in fitness classes and at home. We always have a great time and at the same time we spend our time in a healthy way.

This is an ideal option for those who are bored with weights and who have any ball at home. We are not talking at all about the great training one, which takes up a lot of space. You can even do the right exercises using the ball for the leg! With what and how to practice?

List of football exercises

Since we have already mentioned football, it is worth to start with it. Of course, it's great for just playing with your friends, or for making various bouncements (even counting how many they've managed to do without falling the ball to the ground). However, there are other exercises you can do alone. It is best to choose the inclination and lifting of legs. We use the ball here as a help - a useful gadget. In the first exercise lie on your back and the ball between your legs. Lift straight legs together with the ball and hands and pass the ball from leg to hand. Lift your legs is also an exercise that you do while lying on your back, but place the ball between your feet and lift them so that it does not fall out.

List of wall ball exercises

The cross-fit ball is available in different sizes and weights, so the list of recommended exercises must be adapted to the possibilities offered by the product. With a heavier, bigger version, you may have some problems, and a lighter version may be too light for some exercises. Undoubtedly, however, there are things that we can always train:

- throw

- Bellies.

As far as the former is concerned, I think we do not need to explain anything to anyone. In the case of the belly, it is about lying on your back like a classic belly and taking the ball into your hands. We lift up like in a normal belly and at the same time we throw the ball. It is good to train in this way in two people, in turns, because then you will not have to walk on the ball every time, which would certainly be troublesome and take away a lot of pleasure from the exercises.

List of exercises with any ball

There are, of course, exercises that we can do with any kind of ball. As a result, they are quite comfortable and you can train anywhere, in any conditions - even on holiday. After all, there will almost always be a ball. All exercises are designed to set the ball in motion - its rolling. However, this can be done in different ways:

Stand on the right leg, slightly bend the left leg in the knee, and rest the top of the foot on the ball. Leaning forward, push the ball backwards.

Sit in a straight seat, widening the sides of the legs. We lean forward, rolling in front of us the ball held in our hands, and then we return to the starting position.

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