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July 23, 2024 8:09pm

Which pregnancy test to choose?

The quickest way to check conception is through pregnancy tests, which can be done at home without any problem. The dilemma appears only in the shop, not being able to decide which of the offered products to choose, which is the most effective. Can we say that it is the best?

How do pregnancy tests work?

The reliability of the pregnancy test is best checked two weeks after the relationship in which the child is considered to have conceived. The principle of such a test is quite simple, because it detects the presence of HCG - a hormone present only in pregnant women, and it is excreted together with urine, which is why urine is needed. A few drops of urine, preferably morning urine, is sufficient to carry out the test, as it is stronger. A few minutes later, one or two dashes appear in the control window. These two, and even the second very pale, are precisely the meaning of pregnancy.

Accuracy of pregnancy tests

A negative test result may appear in a test performed in the first days or in the first week, but this does not mean that you are not pregnant at all. Simply because the concentration of HCG hormone is too low and after a few weeks the test may already be positive. It is worth remembering that a positive result may indicate abnormalities related to hormonal management, so it is recommended to repeat the test and perform blood tests that confirm pregnancy, as well as a visit to a gynaecologist.

There are several different types of tests available on the market:

  • lamellar
  • strap
  • digital
  • streaming.

How do they work?

Plate test. The plate is placed on a dry and flat surface, and then a few drops taken into a clean urine vessel are placed in the place indicated on the plate. After a few minutes the result appears.

Bar test. The strip is immersed in the urine vessel for about 4-5 minutes, after which it shows the result.

Waiting for a child

Stream test. This type of test is similar to a flamaster. The test, after removing the protective cap, can be passed under the urine stream, so no other vessels or droplets are required. Then secure the tip again with an overlay and wait about 5 minutes, placing the test on a dry, flat surface.

Digital test. Its operation resembles a bar test or stream test, the difference lies only in the digital indicator, which shows whether it is ready to perform the test, and then informs you of the result by showing + or -.

Which test to choose?

In principle, there is no best or most reliable test, they are all equally effective, because the principle of operation is the same and the same. Usually, he is guided by convenience in this matter. You don't have to try all at once, you can opt for one, and after some time repeat the test. If you have any doubts that the test does not work although you feel that you are pregnant, you can also perform a blood test for HCG hormone.

Of course, it is advisable to read the leaflet, no matter which test you choose. There is a detailed description of what needs to be done, so it is enough to follow the instructions and keep calm at the same time. Nerves and hurry are not advisable, and certainly will not help.

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