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April 15, 2024 11:23am

Women expecting a baby should practice yoga

Gynaecologists during pregnancy especially recommend moderate training involving isometric strengthening and stretching of muscles. Yoga exercises play a very important role in strengthening the muscles of the spine, back and belly muscles, which are involved in the birth itself. Asanas improve blood circulation, strengthen pelvic muscles and exercise the spine, which has to bear more and more weight, make the hips and thighs more flexible, as well as relax the abdomen and facilitate breathing.

Women expecting a child often give up physical activity for fear of possible complications. However, doctors explain that in the case of uncomplicated pregnancy, exercises not only do not affect the frequency of miscarriages, preterm births or abnormal development of the foetus, but also properly selected ones reduce bone and joint ailments and digestive disorders, help in childbirth and reduce the risk of gestational diabetes.

During pregnancy, physical exercise is highly recommended. However, it is not about exhaustive aerobic training or one aimed at beating records and building muscle mass. During this period, it is necessary to focus primarily on calm, static exercises, which allow you to maintain the strength of your muscles throughout the pregnancy. However, it is advisable to consult a doctor and seek advice before taking up physical activity.

Pregnancy exercises primarily prepare the body of the future mother for childbirth. Thanks to properly selected physical activity, the body is stronger. This also has a positive impact on the development of the foetus.

Influence of yoga on body and mind

During pregnancy it is also very important to take good care of the pelvis and lumbar spine. Such possibilities are offered by appropriately selected yoga exercises.

During pregnancy, stomach relief, stretching legs and pelvic floor muscles are also recommended. First of all, these are standing exercises with the use of gymnastic ladders and yoga blocks. All this in order not to perform the maximum inclinations.

Yoga strengthens the body, cleanses it of toxins and regulates the hormonal balance of the body of the future mother. During practice, the uterus asanas become stronger and better functioning thanks to the exercises.

However, there are sports that women have to give up completely during pregnancy. This group includes all activities that increase the risk of falling, injury or impact, such as team games, martial arts, downhill skiing, water skiing or horseback riding. It is also absolutely forbidden to lift weights and dive.

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