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June 13, 2024 3:49am

Interesting information about mineral powder

Mineral powder is a cosmetic product that is on the market in increasing numbers. Why is it so, what are its advantages and who should use it? You can read about it below.

Special features of mineral powders

Mineral powder has the same effect as a primer. Thanks to it you can improve, even out the skin tone, cover imperfections and influence the unsightly shine of the skin. It has a nourishing effect. It was created from minerals, thanks to which it positively changes the appearance of the skin and improves its condition to a large extent.

Who can use mineral powder?

If the mineral powder is of good quality, the users will actually notice good results when using it. It is better not to use cheap imitations, because they usually have nothing to do with actual mineral characteristics. A real mineral powder has a natural composition, which has both opaque and nourishing properties. It is perfect for people with sensitive skin or those with problem skin, e.g. acne. Many contain a natural ingredient - zinc oxide, which soothes irritation and accelerates wound healing.

It also has an antibacterial effect. There is also titanium dioxide, which is a natural UV filter (SPF 15). Normal drugstore primers contain many substances that are harmful to the skin, if used for a long time, you can harm your skin. Mineral powder is perfect for people with any skin problems, but in principle it can be applied to any type of skin.

Advantages of mineral powder

Differences between mineral powder and drugstore powder

The cosmetics you can get in the shop contain a lot of chemicals. These are most often: talc, preservatives and artificial dyes. They have a negative impact on the skin of the face. In mineral powders there are only natural ingredients, without chemical additives, without waxes and silicone. Mineral powder can be used on its own, it has properties that are sufficient for permanent covering. On the other hand, the mineral base still needs to be fixed with powder, and sometimes the base for the base is still needed. With mineral powder there is no need for it. If mineral powders are used from autumn to spring, there is no need for additional sunscreens, because the titanium dioxide contained in the mineral powder acts as a SPF 15 filter.

Advantages of mineral powders

As far as the advantages of mineral powder are concerned, there are many of them. First of all, it has many more positive effects than ordinary powder from a drugstore. They will surely be among the advantages:

- 100 % natural composition,

- UV filter SPF 15 contained in titanium dioxide,

- Only ingredients that have a beneficial effect on the skin,

- no fear of mineral powder comedogeneity,

- zinc oxide affects the treatment of skin imperfections,

- is suitable for allergic and sensitive skin,

- Thanks to it, the skin can breathe freely,

- gives a guarantee of perfect coverage every time,

- looks very natural on the skin,

- has a long shelf life.

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