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May 24, 2024 9:26pm

How to survive pregnancy in winter?

Winter with its low temperatures, slippery pavements or ubiquitous viruses can be very troublesome. However, it is especially noticeable for pregnant women. Fortunately, for safety and health, they do not have to close themselves at home. Just follow a few tips.


Winter menus should provide more energy and support the body's immune system. However, do not exceed the indicated daily calorific value. Composite dishes must be rich in carbohydrates, protein, healthy fats and vitamins. This avoids the feeling of drowsiness and fatigue. It is best to use cereal products (bread, groats, pasta), lean meat, dairy products, as well as products containing vitamin C (e.g. pickled cucumbers, broccoli, paprika).

2. irrigation

If you are pregnant in winter, do not forget to irrigate properly. Staying in rooms heated by radiators exposes you to dry nasal and oral mucous membranes, causing a faster loss of water from the body. The heating season therefore produces a natural reaction in the form of increased thirst. If you are pregnant, it is best to extinguish them with non-carbonated water with a low degree of mineralisation and a low sodium content, such as Mom and me. It does not contain any substances considered harmful in its composition, and thanks to its balanced composition it is an excellent dietary supplement for pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers and children. Drinking water will not only protect future mothers from dehydration, but will bring additional benefits in the form of moisturized smooth skin.

Winter pregnancy fashion

3. clothing

Winter temperatures make it necessary to choose the right garment. A great solution is to dress in so-called "onion". Thanks to this, when it is too hot you can easily get rid of one layer. It is worth remembering, because overheating the body can cause various infections. A future mother should get a loose jacket or coat, a hat, scarf, gloves, comfortable trousers, warm socks and a long sweater or sweatshirt. Appropriate shoes are also a mandatory addition. It is best to choose those on a flat, non-slip, insulated sole,
and at the same time easy to put on and securely hold your legs.

4. movement

The "movement is health" principle also applies to pregnant women at any time of the year. Sitting or lying down for many hours causes back pain and leg swelling, and increases the feeling of fatigue. The daily schedule should include 20 minute walks, gymnastics for pregnant women, yoga or swimming. Activity in the blessed state is very important and advisable, because it perfectly influences the mood and immunity.

5. rest

On winter days, a pregnant woman's body often signals the need for more sleep. Future mums shouldn't defend themselves against it by allowing themselves a dozen or so minutes of naps during the day. At night, the optimal sleeping time is about 9 hours. It is worth to follow this rule, because sleep not only regenerates the body after an entire day's exercise, but also strengthens the immune system and improves mood.

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