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July 23, 2024 7:49pm

How to naturally get rid of stretch marks after pregnancy?

Up to 60% of women after childbirth struggle with the problem of unaesthetic stretch marks. At the beginning they are in the form of red or pink stripes, but with time they fade - they remain visible. Most often they appear on the abdomen, hips, buttocks and breasts. For many women they cause serious complexes. Fortunately, there are effective natural ways to get rid of stretch marks!

Much has already been said about striae. They are the effect of weight gain and hormonal changes that occur in the body. During pregnancy, cortisol levels increase, which interferes with the cells responsible for collagen production in the skin. This substance is responsible for the elasticity and firmness of the skin. Its deficiency leads to collagen fibers cracking and changes called stretch marks. There are many ways to avoid or eliminate existing stretch marks, this time we will present you with the most natural ones.

Prophylaxis - take care of your skin during pregnancy

Stretch marks usually appear in the 6th-7th month of pregnancy, however, it is worth taking care of prophylaxis already at the beginning of pregnancy. Healthy and well-groomed leather is more resistant to various types of changes.
and damage.

Balanced diet - pregnant women should pay particular attention to what they eat. Diet has an impact not only on the health of the child, but also on the appearance of the skin of the future mother. It is worth making sure that the menu does not run out of products rich in zinc, such as nuts, sprouts, pumpkin seeds.

Activity - unless the doctor recommends otherwise, during pregnancy it is advisable to perform exercises allowed in a certain trimester.

Massage - gentle massage combined with alternating warm and cold water jet will have a positive effect on skin firmness.

Natural cosmetics - during pregnancy it is worth to use natural oils, preferably those cold-pressed with vitamins E and B, e.g. wheat germ oil, argan oil, sweet almonds, macadamia nuts or coconut oil. In addition to oils, natural butter, especially shea and cocoa butter, is also a good choice. Most drugstores for pregnant women contain these ingredients (often in trace amounts) in combination with chemical additives. Natural oils and butter are the essence of the best properties without unnecessary additives.

A way to stretch marks

Creams and homemade ways

If stretch marks have already appeared, they can also be fought with homemade, natural methods. Among them there are, among others:

  • salt baths;
  • Aloe vera or carrot juice compresses;
  • Stretch marks are lubricated with cocoa butter, coconut oil or lavender oil

Although these preparations help to reduce the visibility of stretch marks by brightening them, they usually do not lead to their complete removal. They work from the outside, while the problem lies in the depths of the body.

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