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April 15, 2024 11:19am

What underwear to wear during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is defined as the most beautiful period in a woman's life, but it depends on proper preparation. The body sends signals that cannot be ignored, and you also need to take care of your mood. During pregnancy it is important to wear suitable clothing and underwear. In addition to the memory of beans, a woman should also remember about herself, because a growing belly, swollen breasts and swollen legs are everyday bread.

So what kind of bra, panties and pantyhose should I choose in order to feel the best and take care of my health?

What are the best materials for maternity lingerie?

Burns and residual moisture can cause bacteria to develop and infections. Therefore, checking the composition of the fabric is the first element in the selection of underwear. It is no surprise that the best materials are natural, and the most recommended are cotton, bamboo, and silk. All of them are characterized by good air permeability, thanks to which the skin breathes well. The advantage is also the lack of allergic reactions. Synthetic materials that provide good ventilation - microphase and polyamide - can also be recommended.

Soft panties and bras without lace, appliqué and stitching will provide adequate comfort. Companies specializing in the production of lingerie for future mothers offer products that are characterized by these features, and in addition, they do not lose anything of their attractiveness.

What bra to wear during pregnancy?

Breasts grow significantly during pregnancy, so it is important to choose the right bra. This will reduce the risk of stretch marks and protect against loss of firmness.

Pregnant women should choose full cup bras, because they are the most built in, which provides perfect support and stability. The recommended bra should also have the following features: wide shoulder straps, a bridge and adjustable circumference. The whalebones, whose task is to keep the breasts in place, should be adjusted to the size of the bust as much as possible, i.e. they should fit the body, not cut the breasts under the armpit and have a good lining. A bra with such properties will be comfortable. However, if it becomes too tight, it must be replaced immediately.

Underwear for pregnant women

A bra makes you feel uncomfortable while sleeping, but it's worth putting it on overnight during pregnancy, as heavier breasts stretch the skin. This can also contribute to back pain. To minimize discomfort while sleeping, you can use a seamless sports bra.

What kind of panties to wear during pregnancy?

There are two types of panties for future mothers. The first one is a normal bottom, which can be a good solution, provided that the fabric is not too tight and does not irritate the intimate area. The second proposal is a panties with a high condition, worn on the entire abdomen, which will provide additional protection against the loss of heat on cold days. They can also take over the function of the pregnancy belt and support the weight of the growing baby.

Which tights to wear during pregnancy?

It is not recommended to wear traditional types of leggings and tights. Manufacturers produce compression models that are dedicated to pregnant women. Their special design is characterized by a reduction in the amount and pressure of blood in the veins. They also protect against swelling, swelling and varicose veins, which often appear during pregnancy.

Pregnant women can choose from a wide range of offers, thanks to which they will find underwear that offers the highest comfort and at the same time promotes health and looks impressive.

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