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April 15, 2024 11:12am

Aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry treatments. A beautiful and healthy smile

A dentist nowadays does not only "pull out" and "seal" teeth. Now, apart from dental procedures, the dentist also deals with cosmetic and aesthetic issues. This huge revolution contributed to reducing the horror of visits to dental surgeries.

Changes occurred not only in dentist's offices and work, but also in the sociology of work, after all, a healthy and beautiful smile has a positive impact on the perception of the employee, but also his well-being. This article will be useful for those who do not know what kind of treatment is appropriate for them.


Ozoning is designed to get rid of harmful bacteria, fungi and viruses in the oral cavity. Ozone is used for this purpose, because it has oxidizing and disinfecting properties, however, it should be remembered that this is not a procedure that replaces everyday oral hygiene, but only a cosmetic one.


Sandblasting, like ozone, is a cosmetic procedure. To make it, a strong stream of water and special sand is used, which is designed to get rid of any deposits formed by smoking, drinking red wine, or drinking coffee. The feature of sandblasting is to reach hard to reach places where an ordinary toothbrush has no chance of getting into. Of course, in order to keep the remaining white teeth as long as possible, and the sandblasting procedure as little as possible, the factors causing discolouration - that is, cigarettes, coffee, colouring drinks, etc. - should be significantly reduced.


It sounds dangerous and can evoke associations with hairspray or nail polish, but that's not what it's all about. For this procedure we use fluoride lacquer, which protects the enamel, as well as gives it reinforcement and makes teeth more resistant to caries. It works much longer than the fluoride contained in the toothpaste. This dentist-dosed dentist dries, so that it lasts longer and the enamel has a chance to absorb more of it. This leads to stronger and healthier teeth.

Choice of orthodontic braces

Orthodontic braces

It is a solution for people with not very straight teeth, which will improve their incorrect positioning and also help with malocclusions. First, a proper diagnosis must be made, and then the right instrument is selected taking into account the clinical indications and expectations of the patient. There are single- and double-jaw braces, porcelain, crystal, metal, multi-coloured, as well as braces mounted on the inside of the teeth, if someone cares about invisible braces. The choice of instrument is largely influenced by the patient's budget. It is known that metal will be much cheaper than crystal. It is better not to choose a braces in a hurry, as they will accompany the patient for a long time until the teeth are straightened.


Their establishment lies in the sphere of aesthetic dentistry. In principle, they resemble artificial nails when it comes to appearance and the way they are put on. These are thin porcelain scales, which, when applied to the teeth, are suitable for shape and shade.


Crowns are used when an ordinary seal is not able to remedy severe damage. First, the tooth (or teeth) is polished and only then a crown is placed to give the impression of a healthy and full dentition.

When deciding on an aesthetic dentistry procedure, one should of course consult a doctor in advance and ask him about the details of such a procedure, how it is carried out, as well as what are the contraindications to its implementation (for example, teeth whitening cannot be performed in pregnant women and nursing mothers, as well as in young people up to the age of 16).

Health is paramount and should be taken care of.

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