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December 4, 2022 2:02am

Conscious sleep or how the subconscious shapes your life

Sleep as a physiological process and an opportunity to make your dreams come true
Sleep, right next to hunger and breathing, is the basis of our life needs. It regenerates the body, maintains a normal hormonal economy, repairs damage caused to the brain while awake, organizes and remembers new information. Lack of sleep causes immunosuppression, concentration problems, difficulty in saying words, aggression, depression or hallucinations. By sleeping as much as 1/3 of our lives we regenerate and preserve our bodies, but is it just this? Can we do something more for ourselves when we are resting, e.g. to fulfill our dreams?

Dreaming - how to remember your dreams?

Sleep is not only a physiological process, it is also one of the most mysterious and unexplored elements of human life. For hundreds of thousands of years, people have been interpreting dreams, searching for their meaning and answers to questions. They see the origins of dreams as subconscious and everyday experiences. What's the truth? We all have dreams. Even if you don't think it is, it doesn't mean you don't have dreams. You just don't remember them. Is there anything you can do to remember your dreams? Of course it is! Thanks to the technique of conscious sleep described in this book, you will not only remember dreams, but you will start to take an active and conscious part in them!

Where to check the meaning of your dream?

The best dream base is German portal (click) If you don't speak German you can use Google Translator. The portal has extensive explanations with photos, sections are arranged alphabetically. It's transparent.

What is conscious sleep? How to control your dreams?

To dream consciously is to dream knowing that the events you experience are dreams and take place in your sleep. In this way, the dreamer can consciously do things that are impossible for him/her during the day, e.g. fly, meet a movie star or keep in touch with a loved one on the other side. It is also an unlimited tool for personal development, because with its help you can solve problems that torment you, free from diseases that trouble your psyche, get rid of nightmares and weaknesses, practice speeches, satisfy every fantasy and fulfill dreams!

a terrible dream about a tornado

How to consciously dream

In this publication you will not read about the meaning of dreams and their interpretation. With this unique book on conscious dreaming, you will gain a much greater ability for controlled sleep. It will become not only a source of pleasure for you, but also a source of benefits. Unique and simple advice from Karol Leopold Cetlin will show you how to enter a conscious dream step by step. And practical tips, such as keeping a dream diary that helps you remember your dreams, or creating a list with the plans you want to put into practice while dreaming, will help you learn to control your subconscious quickly. The author convinces us that it is extremely easy and has something to do with learning how to ride a bike. Once you have mastered this skill, you will always be able to do it.

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