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May 24, 2024 9:36pm

Pulling on the rod - how to start?

There are several basic exercises considered by most trainers to be crucial. Their performance is a guarantee of strengthening not only the condition, but also the majority of basic muscle groups. Speaking about them in the first place, we certainly think about the oath, not without a reason called the "king of exercises", but we must not forget about pulling up. Although many people are surprised by this, pulling is not just about one muscle. Yes, it is quite a difficult exercise, but it is worth paying attention to it, if only because increasing muscle strength also increases the efficiency of the body. How to master them?

Which muscles will be strengthened?

It is worth practicing pulling up, because these strengthen not only the widest back muscles and shoulder muscles, but also biceps. Depending on the technique, it can also strengthen other muscles, including the muscles of the buttocks and the body.

Where to start?

tips on how to start pulling up

Even if pulling up seems to us to be quite difficult, let us not be afraid to start. Yes, many people do not manage to pull up even once at the beginning, but in this case the solution will certainly be to start with an active hoist. To do this, grasp the stick and hang the body, then join the shoulder blades, tighten the shoulders and move the shoulders away from the ears. Strengthening the body will perfectly prepare them for pulling up. A machine in a gym that allows you to adjust the load can also be helpful, as there is no shame, even if it is quite small at first. Once you have mastered the basics, pay attention above all to taking care of every move you make. It should be performed in its full range, as each shortening of its length contributes to the fact that the muscles develop unevenly.

Once we have mastered the right movement, let us remember that it is important to develop our skills. So it is worth at least to change the position of hands, and then - to try to pull up on one hand only.

What equipment will be useful to us?

The most popular equipment for this type of exercise is a pull rod. It can be the most ordinary one, so one that can be mounted in the door frame of the house. An interesting solution, however, is also a calistenical cage, i.e. narrow rubber loops characterized by the fact that they provide enough resistance to support the weight of our4 body. Handrails and a structure for pulling up and weighing down are also useful, although the latter is best used only when pulling up does not appear to us as a challenge anymore. There are also special instruments available for hand grip training. They can be of key importance to us because it turns out that the problem of many people is quite weak forearm muscles, leading to the fact that it is difficult to stay on the stick longer.

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