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October 1, 2022 4:41am

What is "bio"?

For a long time now, "bio" and "eco" products have not been the domain of healthy food shops. They appear even in discounts and are almost always part of their permanent offer. Such a state of affairs cannot fail to rejoice. After all, it is the best proof that consumers have understood the importance of their health.

Unfortunately, the interest in healthy food is also shown by those producers for whom the new trend is a chance for a quick but unfair income. So how to get to know food that is truly organic.

The sad life of an eco chicken

Entities involved in industrial food production are well aware of the fact that the advantage of their offer is, above all, its affordable price. Unfortunately, this almost always has a negative impact on the composition of food produced in such a way. It is not free from conditioners, preservatives and flavour enhancers.

There is also a growing awareness of how bad conditions farm animals can be kept. For many people, their short, sad life is such a serious problem that they are ready to consciously choose more expensive products in order not to contribute to this dangerous activity for the animals themselves.

Eco products

More and more health

It is difficult to count on the fact that we will be able to liquidate farms and industrial crops. However, one may think that the growing interest in organic food is a step in the right direction. Healthy food is still only produced by a small percentage of Polish farmers, but even these small positive changes are seen as a reason for optimism.

What is bio?

The most important problem we face today is related to naming. If we refer to EU law, we will learn from it that 'eco' or 'bio' is only the product that is produced in at least ninety-five per cent using organic methods. Eco-cultivation is also becoming an increasingly popular term, because it means a place where various vegetables and fruits grow on small plots of land, planted with the use of crop rotation. Even here, fertilisers can be used, but they should be natural.

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