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April 15, 2024 10:34am

One herbal treatment for cleansing and detoxification, and the many benefits for your health

How many ways and methods have you already tried ? Probably so many that you don't even remember which was the most effective and worse how to apply them all. There was already a starving that required great dedication and self-denial, so as not to feel like a diabetic in a confectionery. Or a dozen-day diet based solely on drinking juices and water. It was hard, but it was possible to survive.

Probably each of these methods has yielded less or greater results, but do you need to devote yourself to that? And are you sure you feel that your body is completely cleansed?

When you feel bad physically and mentally, you start looking for a solution. You then search hundreds of pages on the internet for the best cleanup programme. Sometimes you go into it, and sometimes you lapse, because you will find a lot of excuses not to give up what you like.

Let's talk about goals.

For most of us, the purpose of using a cleansing diet is a feeling of lightness, vitality, getting rid of a few unnecessary kilograms, excess water or removing toxins from the body. Of course, most of the treatments will allow you to achieve this goal. Most of them, however, have one major drawback, they will not enable you to be rid of pathogens, parasites, pathogenic bacteria and fungi of the digestive system. Here, treatments based on substances of plant origin will come to your aid - herbs known for centuries. Herbal extracts have long had an unprecedented power of purification and detoxification. Carefully selected plant ingredients such as juglone (contained in green walnut skin), rosemary, lavender, thyme, medical lemon balm (Melissa), peppermint, nettle, blackberry flowers, wormwood, and finally cloves form an extremely effective composition of the herbal cleansing and detoxification programme. All ingredients taken together act in a bacteriacidal, antifungal and antiparasitic way. In addition, such treatment has strong action against free radicals. This is very important for the proper functioning of the body. Such a herbal treatment can be used by virtually anyone, of any age. So the conclusion is clear - the process of cleansing the body should begin first by cleaning the intestines from parasites, pathogenic bacteria and fungi and only then should one choose one of the popular methods of purification known to us from the internet or from friends .

The benefits of applying the full cleansing and detoxification programme are :

• We will get rid of parasites and pathogenic bacteria
• We will remove fungi (mi. Candida albicans)
• We will eliminate deposits and toxins
• Bowel peristalsis improves
• The body metabolism will improve
• The immune system function will be improved, so that the body's defense mechanism will work more efficiently
• It will help allergies, those caused by gastrointestinal microorganisms
• It will improve the absorption of vitamins and minerals
• Lower cholesterol levels
• Accelerated metabolism
• Improve well-being
• Improve skin and hair quality
• Youwill gain more energy

As far as dieting, juice, vegetable, fruit, etc. are concerned, you can use continue whilst using herbal therapies. It is worth using ready-made products available on the market, such as, for example, the use of herbal therapy treatment for purification and detoxification provided by Swisspharma (

Remember, regardless of the method you choose, it is important when using a cleansing treatment to follow the basic principles, i.e., avoid processed food, give up fast food and various types of stimulants. It is also important to carry out such treatment course regularly and consistently.

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