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June 13, 2024 2:57am

What dumbbells to buy?

Training with hantlers

If someone wants to achieve their dream silhouette, they must necessarily exercise - a diet alone is not enough. Physical activity should be appropriate - it can be a specific sport, but in the meantime various equipment is used, even small equipment, which enables regular exercise. The dumbbells are by far the most handy of all of them, because they are small, you can vary their load, as well as you can practice on them in your own home. You don't even need to focus on anything - it's very easy to do the exercises thanks to them. In addition, you can even take them with you if you leave somewhere. They are a burden, but this is the easiest way to train even on the move. However, dumbbells are produced in many different versions and if you are just beginning your adventure with them, you don't necessarily know which kind to buy. Advice!

First division - purpose

Choosing the weights is not easy at first. Certainly, it will make it a little easier to think about what we are going to use them for in the end. This way you can decide on the best option. For those who want to do strength training, you will certainly need a whole set of weights, with their growing weight. It is not necessary for those who are interested in aerobic training to invest in such investments. It is more about keeping the load constant, low, but with a significant number of repetitions. There is also something like adjustable dumbbells. Thanks to them it is possible to adjust the load to the part of the body being trained and the degree of its training. Unfortunately, such dumbbells also have their drawbacks - it is not possible to change the load during training as quickly as it is simply possible to postpone one dumbbells and take another. But they undoubtedly have many advantages and are very often bought.

Second division - material

dumbbells in the gym

When choosing dumbbells for yourself, you should also pay attention to the material from which they were made. Various weight versions are available on the market - vinyl, neoprene, cast iron and rubber. Depending on your needs, expectations and financial capabilities, an appropriate type of dumbbells is selected. Vinyl dumbbells are large, but basically quite cheap. On the other hand, neoprene versions are actually made of cast iron and covered with rubber (neoprene). Cast iron versions - in their true cast iron form - are often and willingly bought by men. Therefore, they are usually the most expensive and not ideal at all. They often slide in sweaty hands. Rubber versions, on the other hand, are the most anti-slip. They are completely covered with rubber, which increases the safety of their use. No matter what you buy for yourself, it is undoubtedly worth practicing with weights! They are comfortable, quite cheap and handy.

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