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July 23, 2024 6:46pm

Pregnancy diabetes - what is worth knowing about it?

Pregnancy diabetes means the tolerance of carbohydrates, which is disturbed. For the first time she was diagnosed or developed during pregnancy. Future mothers are very concerned about this fact. What should be done to avoid such risks?

Pregnant diabetes - basic information

Pregnant diabetes is a diabetes mellitus that is first diagnosed during pregnancy in women. As a result, glucose tolerance is impaired or sugars increase in our blood. This problem is detectable between twenty-fourth and twenty-eighth weeks of pregnancy. When glycemia exceeds the norm early, there is a strong suspicion that type 2 diabetes was already ill before pregnancy. Future mothers with gestational diabetes are at risk if:

  • type 2 diabetes mellitus affects relatives
  • a similar problem occurred in previous pregnancies
  • are more than thirty-five years old
  • have given birth to children under four kilograms in weight and with a developmental defect
  • had overweight, hypertension or obesity before pregnancy

Diet with gestational diabetes - how to compose meals?

Well balanced meals are essential for the development of the right baby. A dietician should be consulted in order to select and create an appropriate individual diet. The nutrition plan must include the needs of the toddler and also women. And what should future mothers with diabetes remember?

First of all, the fact that thirty percent of the daily ration must be white. Forty to forty-five are carbohydrates and fats between twenty and thirty percent. You should certainly eat three main meals as well as preferably three extra meals. These principles must not be forgotten.

Pregnancy diet

Pregnancy diabetes - additional recommendations

You should reach for raw vegetables. They can be seasoned with lean yoghurt.

Do not forget about physical activity. Movement will help to regulate blood glucose levels. You can go to the swimming pool, go for walks or nordic walking.

It is important to remember about medical checks. Sometimes insulin therapy is necessary. Doses of human insulin and short acting analog insulin are most commonly administered to future mothers. Treatment of adequate diabetes in pregnancy is a chance for the health of the toddler and mother. The time to childbirth really passes very quickly. Diabetes in itself is not an indication for a caesarean section. However, when the doctor recognizes macrosomy, you can decide on such a way to terminate the pregnancy. We should not forget to take the trinkets to the hospital. Sleeping bags, disposable diapers or cotton strapaniki will certainly be useful.

Pregnancy diabetes is a sign that you should take care of yourself so much. Over time, type 2 diabetes can develop, which will be unrelated to pregnancy. A proper diet and a healthy lifestyle can definitely reduce this risk. As you can see, this is very problematic, but there is a way out of every situation. Taking care of oneself will allow women to go through pregnancy and a calm birth, which does not have to be a caesarean section at all.

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