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October 3, 2023 12:32pm

Advantages and disadvantages of professional teeth whitening

Tooth whitening is a process taking place on the enamel surface in the form of oxidation, visibly brightening the shade of teeth only in a specialist office will it be possible to perform such procedures correctly and achieve good results. Preparations used at home can only support the whitening effect obtained at the dentist and extend its durability, so that it will not be necessary to repeat the procedure quickly to make the effect of whitening satisfactory.

Tooth whitening in the dentist's office

The first stage of teeth whitening at the dentist's will be a consultation visit. The doctor then has the opportunity to interview the patient, check the condition of his teeth and recommend the best method of teeth whitening, which will have an impact on health, physical or financial factors. The second stage of the whitening process is professional teeth cleaning. They consist of treatments that will help to remove plaque and tartar. Sandblasting of teeth and polishing of their surface will be a supplement. All these treatments together are supposed to give the best possible effect, thanks to which it will really be possible to say that the whitening will be performed correctly and will bring satisfactory results for the patient.

Methods of professional teeth whitening

One of the methods is the use of the overlay, its operation is based on the use of special vinyl rails adapted to the shape of the patient's jaw. It is filled with bleaching agent, most often it will be carbamide peroxide. The rail is put on all night for 1-2 weeks. The result will be brighter teeth, whose shade will last for several years. In order to increase the intensity and extend the durability, it will be possible to apply treatments resembling once every several months, a 1-2 nights rail is put on anew. This should not be forgotten, as this reminder effect can be very important in order for them to be effectively whitened.

Effects of tooth whitening

Positive and negative effects of teeth whitening

Tooth whitening in the dentist's office has many advantages

- whitening effect is possible after just one visit

- the procedure is carried out by a specialist in the office, you don't have to do anything yourself at home

- the treatment is carried out by a specialist, so we have a guarantee that it will be safe and well done.

Tooth whitening can also have negative effects:

The last effect of the change in the shade of enamel, which will be visible a few days after the treatment may turn out to be quite radical. Therefore, it is important to take into account the fact that the reactions of people in the patient's environment may vary. In addition, you should be aware of the fact that the whitening procedure may also cause toothache, about which you must inform your doctor. This can be the result of increased tooth sensitivity. Before performing the procedure, your doctor should also interview you to assess whether there will be any factors that could affect your patient's ability to perform this type of procedure for some reason. This is worth noting.

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