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December 1, 2023 2:38pm

5 trends in hair colouring

Garnier Colors Naturals paints with their palette of colors delight every day. Every woman who has used this colour at least once appreciates the great colour scheme of the lines and the multitude of hairstyles that can be achieved with this colour. This year's trends in colouring allow us to show even more the possibilities of Garnier Colors Naturals paints. The palette of their shades fits perfectly into what is fashionable this summer. Check out the hair styles and hair colours that trendsetters are promoting this season.

This summer will be dominated by ombre hairstyles. They are usually made with a few shades of paint. Garnier Colors Naturals' colour palette is ideal for these stylizations, as the individual shades complement each other and at the same time can be an extension of one basic colour. Ombre uses this principle. Here the hair should be the darkest at the roots and gradually move to a different color, aiming for uniform ends in this color. Colour combinations can be made in one colour tone or on a total contrast basis, and fashionable colours are surprising this year.

Pink in every issue

The make-up artists say that this summer roses will be at the forefront of fashionable colours and the more expressive the better. So the fashion for neon colours is coming and you can use pink and violet with confidence. There's no denying that it's colours for women who like to attract attention. It is worth remembering that hair should not be dyed entirely pink or purple. Ombre dominates this season. At the base of the hair, the natural color remains, which gradually turns into pink or purple.

The golden blonde returns

Golden shades match almost any complexion. What's more, warm blonde shades make every hairstyle look fuller, and every woman dreams of a storm of golden curls on her head. Garnier Colors Naturals - the palette of these colours also includes golden blondes, perfectly matching the latest trends of this season.

5 trends in hair colouring

Cozy, warm browns

This year's summer is one of the colors that warm up every image. Garnier Colors Naturals paints perfectly match here, too. The colour palette includes browns that will perfectly accentuate any face. These bronzes should reproduce the natural colour of the hair or can be enriched with strips of delicious caramel. This hair colour looks best on slightly wavy hair. You have to admit, every woman in this edition will make an impression.

Chestnut braids

All varieties of redheads and chestnuts have always been liked by women because they consider them bold and at the same time offer a certain comfort zone. It must also be admitted that they are easily matched to many different skin tones. Here too, it should be remembered that the main determinant of the season is ombre, so the hair should not show a uniform color.

Red and claret

Finally, the colours for the bravest women who will surely stand out from the crowd, as relatively few women opt for such bold hairstyles. However, it must be admitted that they dominate the most famous fashion catwalks.

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