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June 13, 2024 1:44am

All we should know about the gym, and we are ashamed to ask.

Next spring, in a moment from the bottom of the wardrobe we will take out airy dresses and short shorts, which will discover our imperfections. How do I get rid of extra pounds after a long winter? If you want to develop a perfect silhouette for summer and go to the beach without complexes, it is worth going to the gym and start regular exercises. If you start your adventure with sport, you should learn a few simple rules for a club savoir vivre.


Before your first visit to the gym, let's prepare comfortable clothes, sports shoes and a towel. A bottle of still water must also be provided. In order for the body to cope with a lot of effort, it needs to have fluids replenished on an ongoing basis. During the first visit it is worth going to an instructor who will show us how to use the equipment and will advise us what exercises to perform in order to obtain the expected results. Let's remember, however, that exercises are half the success, the rest is a proper diet and eating habits - without this the dream form will still be a dream.

Gym or fitness?

This is an important decision, especially for women who are often afraid of gyms and exercise with weights in order not to look too masculine. Nothing more wrong, no fitness classes will make the woman's body as firm as effectively as a well-conducted strength training. Properly selected exercises will model and sculpt the silhouette, thanks to which they will also improve our fitness and fitness. Let us not be afraid of the weight zone and let us move away from doing cardio itself. Weights lifted by ladies can only help burn fat tissue and sculpt the body gently.

Cardio training

However, if strength training does not appeal to us, we should think about fitness club activities. This type of activity is a good solution for people who like to practice in a group. Not only is it easier to motivate oneself to start or go to classes at all, but it is also easier to do things that we wouldn't do ourselves. Fitness exercises will help us stretch our muscles and burn unnecessary calories. Deciding on the fitness classes we have the opportunity to choose from many different training such as stretching, zumba, spinning or aerobics. Before your first visit to the club let's check which exercises are in the schedule and which will suit us the most.

Safety is the basis for

In order to avoid unexpected injuries, we should warm up our muscles properly before exercising. A half-hour warm-up with the use of stretching exercises is enough. Let's not worry about the pressure of the environment - as beginners, we are fully entitled to train at a slower pace. It is better to do exercises slower, but more accurate and attach great importance to the correctness of their performance, than faster and more. Inaccompetent training causes excessive strain on the joints and painful injuries. If we are troubled by knees, shoulder rim or other joints, let's consult with an instructor about the correctness and technique of performing exercises. If you want to keep your joints in good working order for longer, you should also protect them from the inside with collagen preparations.

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