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July 23, 2024 8:26pm

Skin discolouration - not only a post-holiday problem

Discoloration on the skin is a very common problem, contrary to appearances encountered not only after the summer. Many people struggle with epidermal molasses, freckles or so-called "old spots" all year round. Fortunately, there are currently effective methods thanks to which we do not have to accept unwanted defects of pigmentation of the skin.

Epidermal melasma

One of the most common types of skin discoloration is melasma, which is associated with the overproduction of melanin. Its development is influenced not only by sunlight, but also by the use of certain medicines or hormonal disorders - that is why this problem often affects pregnant women. How to recognize your abnormality? It manifests itself with yellowish-brown spots on the face, most often on the forehead, cheeks or around the mouth. Stains can decompose on both sides of the face symmetrically, which on the first observation creates the effect of badly distributed fluid. Most of them occur in summer, but do not disappear completely in winter, they can only slightly change color. Therefore, it is extremely important to use a cream with a filter at any time of the year (in winter we can replace a traditional cosmetic with a fluid with UV protection). In order to influence the brightening of already existing skin changes at home, it is worth to try daily rubbing in preparations with vitamin C.

Freckles and age spots

Another type of discoloration are freckles. The susceptibility to their occurrence is inherited in genes. They are the result of disorders of healthy melanocytes, which produce skin pigment, raspberry. In people with dark complexion, freckles look like surface spots and can be tried and livened up. This indication is not only aesthetic, but also health - people with a large number of freckles are more exposed to sunburn and even skin cancer.

Cream for discoloration

In a very similar way, age spots appear as a result of exposure to UV radiation of aging skin. The first step to control these problems is to give up the solarium. Additionally, you can help yourself by using whitening creams available in pharmacies, most often with the addition of vitamin A.

Professional help

If the household methods of discolouration removal do not result, professional office solutions come to the aid.

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