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April 15, 2024 12:10pm

Make-up with mineral cosmetics

Mineral cosmetics are often used by women with sensitive skin prone to allergies. This is because they are completely natural and have a gentle, non-irritating effect. Before applying, one should realize that mineral cosmetics are applied in a slightly different way than traditional ones. Below you will find tips on how to do it correctly.

How to start make-up with mineral cosmetics?

Mineral cosmetics have a loose texture, so they quickly fall asleep. Therefore, greater efficiency is required during their application. The most important rule to keep in mind is that you cannot put a brush in a jar with a particular cosmetic. It is done in such a way that a bit of a loose cosmetic is poured into a small container, e.g. into a plastic cap and from there the cosmetic is selected with a brush. Excess on the brush must be shaken differently on the face will appear streaks of powder, which falls asleep. Instead of applying too much at once, it is better to apply it in smaller quantities.

Mineral cosmetics should be applied gradually also due to the fact that applying too much will cause the mask effect to appear on the face. Therefore, a very small amount of powder should be poured into the nut - it is enough, because mineral cosmetics are very efficient. One thick layer of the product on the face is a much worse idea than a few thin ones. Thanks to this, the colour of the face changes gradually, and thus it is possible to finish the application just when the right result is achieved.

Method of application of mineral primer

The mineral base has a different consistency than its counterpart in traditional cosmetics. Its formula is much lighter, it is loose and does not clog pores. When attaching to the application of mineral primer, you have to decide on the right brush. In this case, two types will be the best: flat top or kabuki - each tailored to the effect you want to get.

Application of mineral cosmetics

Flat top has compact and thick bristles. This results in a stronger coverage than with a brush that has fluffy, less compact bristles. And if someone has delicate, sensitive skin, then the brush of the kabuki will work better, because it has delicate, soft, although synthetic bristles. Mineral powder is applied in a slightly different way than the traditional one.

First, it is necessary to moisturize the face with the cream and wait until it is absorbed. If the skin is oily, a small amount of transparent powder can be applied. The primer should not be poured onto the face, but rubbed into it in circular movements. This should be done starting from the cheeks and heading towards the edge of the face.

How to apply the equalizer

The ballast is applied in the same way as the primer. First pour a small amount of it into the nut, submerge the brush and coagulate it. The concealer is applied only to those places that need it. It is rubbed into the skin until it is adequately covered.

Eye shadows

Eye shadows are applied dry or wet. The method of application is similar to other mineral cosmetics.

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