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April 15, 2024 11:59am

NUMBERS - the way to beautiful teeth

Units that are not equal, discolorations, gaps between teeth make people do not want to smile. Veneers, i.e. small porcelain flakes make it possible to regain self-confidence. It is worth checking when this solution works, how veneers are assumed and what the cost is.

Veneers have a thickness of 0.2 to 1 mm. They have the form of a porcelain flake, which sticks to the front surface of the teeth, thus hiding aesthetic defects.

For whom are veneers?

Using veneers it will be possible to lighten the tooth and give it a beautiful shape and colour, lengthen it, widen or eliminate gaps between teeth. They are used for fine adjustment of teeth as in the case of slight twisting or crowding, especially in the case of lower incisors. This is achieved by selecting the right thickness of veneers. However, such overlays will not replace orthodontic treatment. Veneers are a good solution for people who want to have lighter color of teeth but natural color, hide discolorations.

They are also used in the case of unaesthetic fissures or slight damage to teeth, cracks, crushed or worn edges, or eye-catching fillings of front teeth. However, when ceramic crowns will be used in order for them to be very damaged. The application of veneers will not be possible in the case of severe damage to teeth, caries, gum diseases and malocclusions. They are also not used in people with occlusal parapunctions such as tooth grinding, tooth clenching or nail biting, because then it is easy to peel them off.

Porcelain veneers

Advantages of veneers

With the help of veneers it will be possible to change the appearance of individual teeth or whole groups. They will usually be placed on the front teeth, from three to three or from four to four. Others are crowns or intermediate forms between veneers and crowns. This is due to the fact that the veneers will be more delicate and cover only the labial surface of the tooth and not the one responsible for chewing. For this reason, putting them on will involve little or no intervention in the hard tissues of the tooth. Veneers will be similar in colour and tactile sensation to natural enamel, but will not be susceptible to caries, abrasion or discoloration. With their help you can reproduce the texture and shades of the tooth. Porcelain is neutral for tissues, the execution of the veneer ensures appropriate tightness of the edge, so there is no place where the bacterial plaque can settle.

Inserting veneers

Dream look of teeth can be obtained after 2-4 visits to the dentist's office. Everything will depend on your expectations and how veneers are made, whether they are ready or made to order. The dentist starts by talking to the patient about his or her needs and expectations to determine which solutions are right for him or her. Then the veneers are pressed onto the patient's teeth, paying attention, of course, to their colouring. In this way, the dental service can be tailored to the patient and the expectations he or she will have.

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