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December 1, 2023 2:37pm

Advantages of mineral cosmetics

Fashion for natural make-up and care makes mineral cosmetics more and more popular. Minerals can be used to obtain foundations, powders, eye shadows, bronzers, illuminators. All these cosmetics are healthy and safe for the skin, and makeup made with them lasts a long time.

Thanks to a bit of patience, and with time, you can have a make-up that perfectly masks imperfections, without turning your face into an artificial mask. What are the advantages and disadvantages of mineral cosmetics, who should be particularly interested in them?

To whom do mineral cosmetics fit?

Minerals can be used by anyone. It is especially recommended for people with oily, mixed, but also dry, irritated skin. Where did this discrepancy come from? Minerals absorb excess sebum and help regulate sebum production, acting antibacterially. They do not penetrate deep into the epidermis and never clog pores. They are completely hypoallergenic and safe even for atopic skin. Mineral cosmetics can be used safely and without fear after aesthetic and cosmetic treatments, such as dermabrasion.

Summary - advantages of minerals

The main advantage of mineral cosmetics is short, only natural composition. Their formula consists of mica, oxides, ultramarines. There are no fragrances, artificial dyes, oils, pore clogging substances and preservatives. Nevertheless, minerals are very durable and efficient - properly stored powder can be used for several years.

Mineral makeup

Thanks to the content of appropriate ingredients, they protect the skin against UVA and UVB radiation, as well as perfectly hide, reducing the visibility of wrinkles and imperfections. Make-up made with their help is extremely durable - it will last all day without the need for corrections, even in the rain. Minerals absorb sebum perfectly, do not contain allergens, do not clog pores, so you do not have to worry about blackheads. Thanks to a wide range of pigments it is possible to obtain a powder or shade matching every complexion and every image.

What is the difficulty?

Beginnings with mineral cosmetics can be a bit difficult, but don't be discouraged. However, it is worth preparing for what may not suit your taste. First of all, the application of minerals requires some practice. All of them have the consistency of a loose powder only, so you should pour their portion on the lid of the package, scoop with a brush and then, by stamping, cover the skin. Minerals are applied in layers until the desired effect is achieved. At the same time, they can fall off a little - and the pigments contained in them quickly dirty clothes and the whole environment. It is also a little difficult to measure the amount of cosmetic applied to the skin at the beginning, and too much foundation only highlights dry skin. When using minerals, the skin should be well moisturized.

Despite some of the disadvantages mentioned above, mineral cosmetics are characterized primarily by a number of advantages, which would be in vain to look for in traditional undercoats or roses. They do not harm the skin, they even help it, and after gaining experience, you can achieve wonderful and lasting aesthetic effects with their help.

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