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June 13, 2024 2:07am

Aesthetic dentistry - a compendium of knowledge

Aesthetic dentistry is called a variety of actions that aim to make us smile more beautifully.

Aesthetic dentistry includes:

- teeth whitening is a safe procedure, which is routinely used when someone wants to improve the color of their teeth. Different bleaching methods are then recommended

Bleaching with an office lamp

It is a method which recommends the oxidation of discolourations appearing on teeth with the use of active oxygen. This method is safe for the patient and there is no need to worry about destroying the tooth structure. In order to improve the aesthetics of a smile, one visit is enough, because a professional treatment will take about 60 minutes. The effect is therefore immediate in this case.

The teeth whitening procedure must be preceded by a visit during which the specialist will assess the condition of teeth and periodontium. Dentists, after a thorough examination and conversation, will be able to qualify the patient for the procedure. The next stage is a preventive visit to a dental hygienist, who will perform a full package of prophylaxis while preparing teeth for surgery. After the hygienization visit it is necessary to wait about a week and a maximum of four weeks for the next treatment to be performed.

The effect of whitened teeth depends to a large extent on the individual diet and oral hygiene methods used. Most often it will last from a few months to several years. Unlike with whitening strips or special pastes, this effect will be really long-lasting and the treatment itself is safe for us.

Methods of teeth whitening

Overlay bleaching

The overlay bleaching procedure will take about 1-3 days. During this period, the made overlays should be used, on which a special preparation is placed. The long duration of action will make the whitening effect perfect and will last for a longer period of time.

Bonding - these are the most modern materials that will gently imitate the colour and transparency of natural teeth. Distinguishing them from the rest of the teeth will be practically impossible. The bonding procedure is ideal for, among other things, making corrections when closing gaps between healthy teeth, smoothing out minor damage to the enamel or composite.

Orthodontic treatment - brings great aesthetic benefits when the teeth are uneven, it will be possible to eliminate this problem.

Coverage of damaged or discoloured teeth with many fillings or in an unattractive shape with the use of special all-ceramic crowns

Correction of disturbances in the alignment of teeth through the use of prosthetic crowns.

The use of root canal inlays, which are to be responsible for the effective strengthening of the tooth before putting the crown on dead teeth

Execution of porcelain or composite veneers

Cosmetic recontouring, which improves the shape of teeth by gentle grinding.

Gum reshaping is a correction of the gum edge in order to improve the proportion of teeth, give symmetry to the right and left side and improve the smile.

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