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July 23, 2024 7:29pm


Scorbolamide is a combination of three agents: ascorbic acid, rutoside and salicylamide. This drug is used, among others, for the treatment of febrile states, colds and respiratory tract catarrh.

Salicylamide is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, which makes it effective as an antipyretic, anti-inflammatory and analgesic agent. Its action is based on inhibiting the activity of cyclooxygenases, which are responsible for the synthesis of pro-inflammatory prostaglandins.

Rutoside increases the permeability of blood vessels, improves their elasticity and strengthens their walls. An additional advantage is the fact that it protects vitamin C from oxidation, which greatly facilitates its absorption.

Ascorbic acid, commonly known as vitamin C, which takes a significant part in the process of oxidation and reduction, as well as collagen synthesis, is intended to support immunity in the period of flu and cold. In addition, it facilitates assimilation of iron and is an effective antioxidant (cleanses the body).

Composition of the preparation

Each tablet of Scorbolamide consists of 5 mg rutoside, 100 mg ascorbic acid and 300 mg salicylamide. Other ingredients include potato starch, gelatine, talc or purified water. The tablet envelope also contains sucrose, gum arabic, Carnauba wax and quinoline yellow.

Anti-pyretic drug

Dosage method

Dosage of the preparation should be consistent with the information contained in the leaflet and be in accordance with the instructions of the physician. The recommended dose of the drug is 1-2 tablets 3 times a day. Scorbolamide should be taken while eating, drunk with a glass of water or milk.

The preparation should not be used by persons under 16 years of age.

Possible side effects

Gastrointestinal disorders such as vomiting, nausea, burning sensation in the stomach may occur. What is more, dizziness, imbalances, skin changes, excessive sweating, more abundant menstruations, blood clotting disorders may also occur.

Long-term use of the product may cause a decrease in fertility in men and a decrease in the number of white blood cells and platelets.

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