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March 24, 2023 3:22am

Tooth whitening

Younger and younger people who want to whiten their teeth come to dental surgeries. Having beautiful, snow-white teeth is nowadays an indispensable element of a broadly understood good appearance. Observing the current needs of patients, it can be said that this is now the norm.

The external appearance in our lives has a great role to play. A person who is self-confident, satisfied with life will smile and attract attention. Sometimes we don't even realize how important smile is in a person's life and how many positive emotions it evokes. The white colour of teeth is important because it proves the attractiveness of a smile.

A simple procedure?

Is bleaching a simple procedure? The colour of the tooth is largely due to the natural shade of the dentin tissue, but it is also influenced by the thickness of the enamel and the discoloration that occurs. Of course, discolorations can have various exogenous sources, such as discolorations from coffee, tea or cigarettes, or age-related engodenes, enamel hypoplasia, tetracycline discolorations. This is also important, as the removal of exogenous discolorations is unlikely to be a big problem, while the removal of endogenous discolorations may be difficult.


We have specific general and local contraindications for teeth whitening. Especially during pregnancy and breastfeeding this is not done. The patient's age is also important, teenagers should be treated with caution and under 14 years of age should rather not be treated. There is a problem here, because there are more and more juvenile patients, determined by the desire to have beautiful teeth.

Contraindications for teeth whitening

Also in the case of people who smoke a lot or abuse alcohol, using such a preparation for bleaching will not be a good decision. It is also necessary to be very careful when dealing with people who are burdened with allergies. Another thick one is the relative contraindications so people with exposed tooth necks, primary and secondary caries and those with leaking fillings. In this group, after the implementation of preparatory treatment, it will only be possible to make decisions about whitening. That's why, before whitening is done at all, you will have to analyze the situation very carefully and assess whether it is possible to carry out the procedure in a given case, and if you decide to carry it out, you will also have to analyze how to approach it.

A great deal of attention is also paid to information issues in order to provide patients with information on the possible side effects of such procedures. These are important issues. As far as the treatment itself is concerned, various ways of bleaching are currently used. This is one of the reasons why doctors also try to adjust the appropriate procedure for a particular patient. We can talk about the use of special bleaching lamps, in some cases we also use special whitening gel rails, which are worn for the next two weeks. Professional whitening methods are able to guarantee an effect for several years.

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