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March 1, 2024 1:52am

Root canal treatment (endodontics)

Root canal treatment is performed when irreversible lesions have already occurred within the pulp of the tooth. This will usually be caused by caries that will not be treated or injuries to teeth. Contrary to patients' fears, root canal treatment will not be painful. Modern methods are such that it is possible to carry out this procedure painlessly. It is worth learning what endodontics is and what it is.

Each tooth is made up of soft and hard tissues

Hard tissues include enamel, i.e. the external form of the tooth, dentine, which forms the inner core of the crown and root, and root cement, which covers the root surface from the outside.

Inside each tooth there is a space that is called the crown chamber and canal inside the root. These spaces are filled with pulp, which is soft tissue and there are nerves and blood vessels. The pulp is responsible for feeling the thermal, pain and touch stimuli. It has a nourishing and protective function in teeth.

When is root canal treatment necessary?

Diseases in the tooth may lead to changes in the pulp, which will be irreversible and then root canal treatment is necessary. Deep and untreated caries, dental injuries and periodontitis are often the cause. In teeth with irreversible lesions in the pulp, the dentist conducts a medical history, examines the patient and checks X-rays, after which he or she can decide on root canal treatment. If such treatment is not taken, serious complications may occur in the surrounding tissues such as the mandible or the bones of the barbs. Further on, disease conditions can affect the kidneys, heart and even lead to life threatening conditions.

Root canal treatment procedure

What does root canal treatment look like?

As part of root canal treatment, the pulp is removed from the inside of the chamber and dead and inflamed roots. The cavities are chemically and mechanically treated and disinfected. The channels can then be filled tightly with a special material. These procedures are designed to keep the tooth in the oral cavity despite the fact that it is inflamed. Endodontic treatments also protect against the growth of bacteria in the dead tooth and complications from surrounding tissues.

Modern methods of root canal treatment

Endodontics is currently one of the best developing specializations in the field of dentistry. The doctor has at his disposal a number of modern instruments, thanks to which the treatment will be effective and painless, efficiently carried out. Treatment is carried out with the help of modern microscopes, which make it easier to accurately process the channels for their measurement using a precise endometer. The canal is filled with special gutta-percha studs.

How to prepare for root canal treatment?

If your doctor has decided to treat you in this way, you will of course need to provide up-to-date X-rays so that you can start such treatment. If someone is afraid of pain, it is worth stressing that such procedures are currently carried out under computer anaesthesia, so any unfavourable feelings associated with their implementation can be minimized.

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