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July 23, 2024 7:51pm

On which equipment should I use my cardio?

It is well known that the largest amount of body fat is burned during cardio exercises, which is why they are so popular. What equipment will be suitable for this type of exercise? The first to come to mind are treadmills, orbits and steppers.


The treadmill offers the possibility to adjust the speed of travel and the degree of inclination. You can choose from several programs, e.g. interval, cardio or manual mode. Modern treadmills also have options for setting age, time and body weight. The treadmill has a significant advantage - every person can practice on it, regardless of age and experience in training. Selection of optimal settings for tempo and angle of inclination allows you to burn a really large amount of calories. In the case of low stamina it is enough to decrease the speed, while those who want to train more intensively should set the intervals or high slope. The tread also has a disadvantage - the size of the machine - it takes up a lot of space and cannot be folded together.


Orbitrek is systematically gaining popularity due to the fact that the whole body is practiced on it at the same time. Training in orbitreku forces both the upper and lower parts of the body to effort. This results in more calories being burned. It should also be mentioned that the orbitrek is quieter than the treadmill. In the case of obese or overweight people, knee pains may occur at the beginning of an adventure with an orbitrator.


It should be remembered that this device weighs down on the joints, but much less than, for example, running in the bosom of nature. The disadvantages also include quite a high failure rate, especially if it is frequently used. Therefore, it is worth choosing a slightly more expensive model when buying it, which will translate into higher quality and longer service life.


Training on a stepper can be compared to climbing stairs. Exercises on this device significantly affect the sculpture of the buttocks and calves. Some steppers are additionally equipped with lines that allow you to exercise your arms and shoulders. The unquestionable advantage of the stepper is its size - the device is compact in size, so that it can be stored in any place. This will be especially appreciated by those who cannot afford a treadmill or orbits due to their small flat. Unfortunately, the stepper does not offer many training opportunities, because only resistance can be adjusted. More advanced steppers, located in gyms, also offer the possibility to set the time, the amount of calories burned and the age. Do not exaggerate with training on the stepper, as it puts a strain on the knee joints and spine. As you can see, each cardio training device has something different, so you should test each of them or advise a more experienced person before you choose. First of all, the machine should be selected according to your own needs and capabilities, and not be guided by the fashion for a given model.

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