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July 23, 2024 6:59pm

How do I protect my child from sunlight on the beach?

Many of us, like every year, go to the sea. For some it will be the first holiday with children, for others it will be the next one. How should we protect our children from the sun and other ailments?
What is solar radiation and why should it be used in moderate quantities?
This term includes visible light, heat and UV radiation. The latter is our area of interest. Its quantity is influenced by such things as:

  • sunset
  • latitude
  • cloudiness
  • altitude
  • ozone
  • reflective surfaces

UV radiation is one of the most important factors affecting the skin, its appearance and condition. The reaction of the skin is a tan or redness. However, it also has other effects, such as photo-ageing of the skin or stimulation of the development of cancer processes. Long exposure to UV radiation can cause melanomas and skin cancers.

child on the beach

Is sunbathing healthy?

No, the concept of healthy tanning does not exist. Browning of the skin already indicates its damage, because this is how you try to protect against UV radiation. However, the sun should not be completely avoided because under its influence our body produces vitamin D, but enough to do this every day 15 minutes in the sun from May to September to produce enough of this vitamin.

How to protect children's skin against radiation?

For this purpose, we should use cosmetic preparations containing UV filters. Increasingly, natural ingredients that absorb radiation are introduced. However, in children it is recommended to use mineral filters, which undergo only minor transformations after contact with UV radiation. In addition to creams, avoid direct exposure to the sun for 2 hours and before and 2 hours after reaching the maximum altitude, especially in summer. As far as clothes are concerned, the most desirable are those that are airy and also cover the forearms and legs, but keep in mind that wet clothes lose their protective value. It's also worth investing in headgear. Returning to the filters, remember to follow the rules of their use. We should apply appropriate amounts to all areas that are not protected by clothing. It is worth paying attention to the face, neck, ears, shoulders and hands. Protection should also be adjusted to the conditions in which we will be staying - from strong to very strong filters.

What happens if we neglect security?

In addition to mild skin burns, a phenomenon known as sunstroke can also occur. It is caused by overheating of the body as a result of long-term exposure of the body to sunlight, which disturbs the operation of the thermoregulatory center leading to dehydration and excessive loss of electrolytes.

If you experience any symptoms (high temperature, vomiting, diarrhoea, skin redness, shivers), you should first of all call an ambulance and, until your child arrives, remove your warm clothes. Later on, we can also cool the baby's body by making use of towels with lukewarm water, but do not put the baby in icy water or ice it.

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