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July 23, 2024 8:05pm

A ring with a diamond. Is it worth investing in jewellery?

For most people, ordinary citizens, financial investments are often associated with trading large amounts of money in the form of real estate or shares. However, not only stock market players and bankers can increase the scope of their wealth in a way that provides both financial stability and significant profits. Investing is becoming more and more fashionable, but the key to success lies mainly in a reliable and wise choice of investment channels. Buying diamonds and gold in the form of investment jewelry is an excellent idea to invest your savings. Why is it worth investing in diamonds and gold? We will try to answer this question in the following article. 

How much does a diamond ring cost?

A diamond ring can have really different prices, depending on many factors. The price of gold depends on its quality, weight and color. The price of a diamond will depend on the four most important factors: 

  • color - the most expensive are colorless diamonds, classified as D, and on the other side, the least desirable diamonds are those with yellowish color, classified as Z, however, often due to the prevailing fashion, high prices are achieved also by selected multi-color diamonds,
  • dimensions - obviously, the bigger a diamond is, the higher its price is, 
  • cut - the most desirable is full brilliant cut with fifty six facets and facets which gives the biggest range of brilliance
  • clarity - the purer the diamond, the more expensive it will be - overly visible inclusions and flaws are not desired. 

Investing in jewelry: is it worth it?

Investing in jewelry has many advantages, among them: security of the investment, double benefit or security for the future. 

ring with diamond

Safety of investment

It is important to note that investing in precious metals is worth our attention in the long term. Expecting monetary benefits in the perspective of just a few months is not justified. According to statistics the value of gold in its pure form has increased by about 26 per cent during the last year and in the perspective of the last five years the price of gold has increased by about 76 per cent. It should be emphasized that there have been periods when the value of this raw material has decreased, nevertheless, what characterizes silver or gold jewelry is the fact that its value will never go down to zero. Such a guarantee, unfortunately, we will not have in the case when we invest in shares of a company listed on the stock exchange. It is worth taking care to diversify your investment portfolio and one of its resources is jewelry. 

Double benefits

Buying a gold ring with a diamond or a gold necklace with a diamond we have the opportunity to create an investment that has a double benefit. Firstly, jewellery made from precious metals can increase its value, it doesn't wear out and is timeless. The second aspect will be the combination of the utilitarian function with the investment function. Jewelry made of silver or gold is a perfect accessory that can also be used during a family gathering, carnival or business meeting. However we will not be able to experience double benefits, when we decide to invest our savings in gold bars, treasury bonds or by setting up a bank deposit. When choosing investment jewelry, you should pay special attention to unique products, which are made of high quality silver or gold, as well as precious stones. 

Securing your future

By investing your savings in investment jewelry, you hope that its value will increase, but at the same time you are creating an investment that can secure your future or that of your descendants. It is a kind of policy that can be used in more difficult times. Instead of a gold coin, you can buy your beloved a pair of earrings made of white gold, which will certainly put her in a good mood, and after a few years such earrings may become a family good that will be passed on to future generations. If anything happens, investment jewelry can be easily sold all over the world and certainly jewelry will be much easier to transport across the border than a bar of gold. Undoubtedly, the current low interest rates on bank deposits make jewelry made of precious metals quite a popular asset to invest your savings and a method to protect your money from depreciation.

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