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July 4, 2022 4:37pm

How to prepare your body for the new season in 3 steps

After the winter your skin is pale, dry and does not look attractive? Spring is just around the corner, so roll up your sleeves now so that you can enjoy your regenerated body on warm days. Which treatments should you invest in?

1. peeling

Not only will you get rid of dead skin, but you will also properly prepare your skin for the next care steps. You can choose from a ready-made product from a drugstore or homemade peeling. Sugar or coarsely ground salt, cinnamon, olive oil and a few drops of essential oil are enough. Mix the ingredients until thick, apply to the skin, massage for a few minutes, rinse with water.... and enjoy a smooth skin!

If you are a fan of simple and fast solutions, you can also like brushing your body, both dry and wet. Just like peeling, it stimulates blood circulation, thanks to which the skin looks healthy and radiant. It is also a great way to exfoliate the epidermis. It is worth exploring the subject of body brushing - this is a proven method for reducing cellulite and firming the body.


Dry skin is a problem that is not only noticeable in winter. To prevent this, don't forget to add moisture after each bath. You can reach for body lotion or body oil. The latter not only moisturizes, but also deeply regenerates the skin, helps gently slim the figure or eliminate stretch marks.

Moisturizing the skin

You can take care of your body while bathing. Shower milk, which combines the properties of a lotion and a shower gel, e.g. shower milk with sea buckthorn extract of the CD brand, is the perfect solution.

If you need an extra dose of hydration, combine a body lotion with your favourite oil (e.g. olive oil), apply a thicker layer of the mixture to your body and wait a few minutes in the shower, e.g. while washing your hair. Wash off any excess product with water and dry the body gently with a towel. Home body mask ready!

3. depilation

Spring is the time to change your wardrobe. Hide long jeans on the bottom of the wardrobe and put on airy dresses. To make your legs look perfect, epilate them. If you are tired of playing with a disposable shaver or are not convinced of laser hair removal in a professional office, a good compromise will be to shave your legs with a hand-made sugar paste. How to make such a mixture? Simply combine sugar, lemon juice and water and heat over low heat for about 35-40 minutes until the amber colour is obtained. A little practice and you will be a master of home hair removal.

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