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June 13, 2024 2:11am

Vitamin K2 mk7

Vitamin K2 Mk7 is a chemical compound that is essential for the proper development and functioning of all systems. Its deficiency can lead to unpleasant consequences. Where to find this relationship? It is quite rare in food products, therefore its amount should be supplemented with supplements.

What is vitamin K2 mk7

Vitamin K2 mk7 is a valuable compound whose insufficient amount in the body can lead to calcification of the arteries. Shortage increases the likelihood of osteoporosis. This is because the calcium is deposited in the wrong organs. This vitamin contributes to proper blood clotting and maintaining healthy bones.

Vitamin K2 mk7 What is it?

Natural vitamin k2 mk7 is a key compound, because it is responsible for the activation of MGP proteins, which are important for the proper transport of calcium in the body to the right organs. As a result, the element is transferred to the bone. If the proteins are inactive, the compound is stored in the arteries, which leads to atherosclerosis. According to research, vitamin k2 mk7 intake affects the reduction of inactive proteins and the increase of particularly active proteins.

Vitamin K2 mk7 where it occurs

Vitamin k2 itself is present in products such as goose liver, calf liver, hard cheese, soft cheese, egg yolk, chicken meat, bacon, milk. You can also find it in sauerkraut or mackerel, salmon or salmon. The largest dose is in natto (soya used in Asian cuisine).

Use Vitamin k2 mk7

Vitamin d3 k2 mk7 for which it helps

It is best to use naturally occurring vitamin k2 mk7, which is more effectively absorbed, and what is important, reduces the possibility of any side effects. Specialists advise to combine the use of vitamin k2 mk7 with vitamin D, then the effects will be more quickly noticeable, because these compounds complement each other.

Vitamin K2 mk7 - Opinions


Vitamin K2 mk7 supplementation allowed me to strengthen my naturally weak bones. To make sure my health improved, I did some tests that came out great. It's been a long time since I've had such a positive result!


Since I have been taking this vitamin systematically, I no longer feel the rheumatic pains that have accompanied me in my knees. This is a sign for me to continue to take vitamin K2 MK7, which really helps.


I've just started using this vitamin and I don't really know what to expect. I've heard so many positive opinions and I'm full of hope. I think such a supplementation is more likely to help than harm.

Vitamin K2 mk7 - Doctor's Opinions

The opinions of specialist doctors are unanimous, taking vitamin K2 mk7 improves blood coagulation and protects against potential diseases such as osteoporosis or atherosclerosis.

dr n. med. Jerzy Kowalik: If there are no contraindications for vitamin K2 MK7 supplementation, I do not see any specific reasons not to take the recommended dose of this compound. However, it is necessary to approach the subject with caution and consult a family doctor who will ensure the safety of the use of this vitamin.

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