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July 23, 2024 7:44pm

Flat stomach in a week - diet and exercise for 7 days - part II

Choose lean meat. Turkey, chicken or fish are great. Pork tenderloin is also a good choice.

You should eat a lot of vegetables. It concerns both cooked and raw vegetables.

Processed foods should be avoided. Eliminating fast food and salty snacks is very important.

You should drink herbal teas every day - camomile, mint or caraway.

The salt in the diet should be limited. Unfortunately, salt stops in the body and causes swelling.

Do not overeat.

Exercises in a week for a flat stomach

In order to lose a good few centimeters in the waist in a week, it is necessary to add specific exercises to the dietary plan. They should act on the body in such a way as to speed up the metabolism. It is about converting fat into energy. Intervals are unrivalled in this respect.

Ways to have a flat stomach

Interval flat stomach training

Interval training causes a significant increase in the rate of metabolism. It should remain at a high level up to twenty-four hours after the completed exercises. The fatty tissue is therefore burned for many more hours after exercise. Even when we rest.

During the interval training you can do a lot of different exercises. These include cycling, running, but it is best to focus the exercises on the abdomen, i.e. all known belly. Select three exercises of your choice and do them in the diagram. It's about fast pace, and you have to go to the next exercise without taking any breaks.

It may be so:

Exercises for 30 seconds

Exercises for 30 seconds

Exercises for 30 seconds

This is one round. After making the whole series, rest for 30 seconds. Then you have to make 4 more rounds.

Aerobic training (cardio) for a flat stomach

The abdominal muscles certainly cannot be overtrained. This training should therefore be done every second day. In the next few days you should practice aerobics. This is a very good way to burn fatty tissue. However, under the conditions that:

the effort will last a minimum of 30 minutes

The heart rate during the exercise will be between 60 and 70 percent of the maximum heart rate.

As part of this training you can ride a stationary bicycle or do other exercises such as: running, stepper exercises, orbitreek exercises, do cobblers or swim.

Strengthening of abdominal muscles

Remember to move as often as possible. It is a good way to give up a car or lift. Every effort contributes to an increase in the rate of metabolism and allows to notice the effects of particular exercises much faster.

It is worth knowing what effects you can count on after a week.

Surely using all the above tips for exercise and diet you will get a flat stomach in a week. However, one should be prepared for the fact that the result will not be so spectacular. This scheme should be continued over the next few weeks. After a month, the change will be really great, but it's very clear.

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