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April 15, 2024 11:00am

Progressive spectacles

The process of human aging goes hand in hand with various changes in the body. One of the most noticeable changes is the gradual and natural deterioration of sight - we start to see worse from different distances, reading is becoming more and more difficult, and driving a car makes us squint our eyes all the way.

Normal spectacles with monofocal lenses are unfortunately no longer sufficient in this situation, because they work mainly on one particular distance plane - they help to see from close up or far away. A revolution in the market has therefore become a lens, which can be found in reliable, increasingly popular progressive spectacles.

Progressive glasses - what is it?

This type of glasses slowly conquers the world of optics, providing a very attractive option for presbyopians - usually people over forty years of age, whose eyesight is getting worse. During the ageing process, the elasticity of the human lens deteriorates and, as a result, it is difficult to adapt to rapid changes in distance and viewing angles.

progressive spectaclesMore and more people who have a visual impairment as a result of age decide to buy progressive glasses. This is because conventional single focal length spectacles operate in clearly delineated areas of vision, which means that separate reading spectacles are required, as well as for everyday use when looking away. The great advantage of progressive glasses is that they do not need to change lenses depending on the distance, and the effect of distortion of the eye caused by the clearly divided surface of the lens.

Progressive spectacles - opinions

The extraordinary comfort of using progressive glasses attracts more and more customers in need of help. The opinions in which customers express their satisfaction with the comfort of progressive spectacles are becoming more and more popular. In our shop there is a number of the best quality glasses with progressive lens, which will take care of the sight of people over forty years of age, providing an undeniable guarantee of comfort of use, regardless of the situation in which the customer will find himself. Thanks to a wide range of products, presbyopia will no longer be a nuisance. Thanks to the use of modern lens technologies, each customer will find a progressive glasses ideally suited to his needs, which will delight not only their functionality, but also a range of colors, shapes and modern design.

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