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March 1, 2024 1:11am

Facts and myths about dentistry

Milky teeth are not cured, the whitening process damages the enamel, like an unnoticeable pain - we don't have to go to the dentist, teeth can only be healthy without consuming sugar, we can't brush teeth that bleed....

There are a lot of myths that have been created around dentistry. Just read the internet advice and all the ailments will disappear. Such thinking means that we do not have proper hygienic habits, and the fact is that the majority of compatriots have caries and oral health problems.

Dentistry is currently one of the best developing medical sciences, and more and more modern methods of treatment have displaced traditional methods of healthy teeth.

The most common dental myths

The teeth must be washed immediately after each meal! Most people think that teeth should be washed after every meal - this is not always true. Do not wash after eating acidic foods. Because the pH in our oral cavity drops very quickly and this makes our enamel weak. Ph is stabilized after an hour, so we should wait.

The condition of teeth depends on the amount of sugar consumed! This is one of the most common myths we've heard about since we were a child. Parents warned us with words: if you eat so much sweets, you will not have teeth in the end!
This myth must be dispelled. Of course, the condition of the teeth depends on how long the sugar is in contact with them, but it is in no way dependent on the amount of sugar. Therefore, we will do less harm to our teeth by eating all the chocolate and washing immediately so that, rather than eating one ankle and not washing them at all.

Rubber and apple are the best equivalents for brushing your teeth! It is known that apple and rubber are useful, but they will certainly not replace toothbrushing. They can slightly clean the enamel and, in combination with saliva, restore the correct pH, but they will certainly not replace brushing.

Do not brush bleeding gums! - This is another myth. Quite often we see our gums bleeding during brushing. The first thought is to stop washing.

This must not be done under any circumstances! If we notice bleeding gums, we cannot stop brushing our teeth. On the contrary, we should wash them even more often in order to get rid of the sludge and prevent the formation of a new one.

That is why we must read this as a signal that we have to go to the dentist. The doctor will examine our teeth and gums. In such situations it is recommended to remove the stone. We will not feel any pain when it is carried out. It is not time-consuming either. Allows you to remove deposits in the gum pockets. Also remember to replace the toothbrush with a soft one.

Treatment at the dentist

We don't have to treat milk teeth! Why treat milk teeth if they are not going to be treated anyway? ...unfortunately, this is a common belief. Caries is an increasingly common disease. More than 93 percent of adolescents aged 18 years have caries on permanent teeth. This is an average of 6 teeth out of all 32.

In addition, it is the children who most often pay for such ignorance. Of course, milk teeth will fall out, but their condition has a big impact on permanent teeth and proper occlusion.

Milky teeth break down much faster than permanent teeth. When caries appear on deciduous teeth, they will certainly be transferred to permanent tooth buds in the future. Parents are often unaware of the dangers of untreated caries. Untreated milk teeth as well as permanent teeth in the future may lead to infection of the whole organism.

I don't have to go to the dentist if I don't hurt my teeth. This is a big mistake. The inflammations of periapical tissues, roots and pulp, which unfortunately are largely chronic, can be a perfect example. Such inflammations at first may not give any symptoms. That is why you should visit your dentist at least once every six months and take a special dental picture. The patient is unlikely to make an independent diagnosis. During the check-up visit, the dentist will find all the abnormalities, so that effective treatment can be started at an early stage of caries.

Whitening process destroys teeth

White teeth are nowadays an excellent showcase of man. Tooth whitening is currently very fashionable and is gaining more and more supporters among different age groups year after year. Can the whitening process have health consequences? - That is wrong thinking. Many studies indicate that teeth whitening cannot harm them. Bleaching with high quality products will not weaken teeth and will not affect the formation of caries. Each process of professional whitening with the lamp should be under the supervision of a physician. The most common side effects after bleaching are temporary hypersensitivity to cold and heat, however, it disappears after just a few hours.

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