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December 4, 2022 3:00am

Promotions, discounts, sales. How not to be deceived?

Attention to promotions and various kinds of traps lurking in shops. January of each year is the month of sale. Shops then try to get rid of the remaining goods at all costs. They do not spare any costs to advertise the goods they have left in their warehouses. How not to get caught in the trap and actually take advantage of the real promotion.

The journalist asked the person working in the shop whether, if we find something at an attractive price "in the shop" and it turns out to be higher when we come to the cash register, we can demand a sale at a lower price, which led us to make a purchase.

The price that is glued to the goods is the price that binds both the customer and the seller. Therefore, if the price in the computer system is different, you can request a sale by the one that appears on the tag. The seller is in fact obliged to do so.

What if there is no price on the product? In this case, what counts is the one that is affixed to an identical product or group of the same products.

Price discounts

If the product is already after a large discount, can the seller add that he is not responsible for possible product defects? According to the rules no. In fact, it is against the law to inform about the fact that the product is overpriced and therefore not subject to complaint. However, this situation is only related to defects that are hidden. If the goods are damaged and there is a clear indication of this in the shop, the goods cannot be complained about.

And what about inscriptions preaching big discounts, for example -50%?

Does this mean that every product should be discounted and the discount can be automatically deducted? The price shown on the product is always valid. If there is information on the reduction of -50% of the entire assortment in the shop window and it turns out later that this is not the case, the seller unfortunately applies unfair market practices. However, for me as a customer, it does not bring much. I can only go, mention this information and count on the seller to show goodwill.

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