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April 15, 2024 11:48am

Weed seeds - the most important properties

The cannabis seeds come from a plant with the Latin name Cannabis sativa, or cannabis for sowing. The industry mainly uses the strong fibres of this plant and the stems can be used for both insulating houses and burning in the oven. For most people, however, hemp is associated with a narcotic effect.

Cannabis is mainly derived from cannabis, which contains more delta-9-tetrahydrocannabitol. Cannabis seeds contain less than 1% of this psychoactive substance, while cannabis, about 20%.

How can hemp be used?

Hemp is mainly grown for industrial and food purposes. Hemp seeds can be prepared in many different ways, you can toast them, make cocktails or grind and paste them. Hemp oil is one of the most valuable oils in terms of omega-3 fatty acids.

Back to hemp itself, it can grow on any soil, and does not require weeding or spraying. For this reason, you can be sure that hemp seeds only provide healthy ingredients. The plant is used in dozens of ways, for example to produce paper, fuel and plastic-like but much healthier materials. Hemp grows much faster than trees and can be used as a renewable energy source. It is estimated that hemp produces 4 times more biomass than trees planted in the same place. The plastic produced from hemp decomposes over time, which is good for the environment. Hemp seeds can also be called superfoods.

Due to its organic nature, hemp has a lower allergy risk than other seeds. It also contains the right amount of healthy protein and essential unsaturated fatty acids in oil. Interestingly, they are also added to animal food.

Global hemp seed production

The main cannabis producers are countries such as Canada, France and China. In the USA, their production was banned in 1950 because apparently the US government does not distinguish between industrial cannabis and cannabis. The restrictive US drug policy has led to all cannabis varieties being classified as drugs, so that they cannot be grown on a large or small scale.

This is interesting because cannabis has had a major impact on the country's history. For example, a Declaration of Independence was written on cannabis paper. Hemp has many advantages in terms of both nutrition and ease of cultivation and growth. For this reason, there is increasing talk of reducing restrictions on their cultivation.

In Poland, the cultivation of cannabis with a THC content of less than 0.2% is legal, with the appropriate consent. Hemp seeds, oil and ointments can be bought without any problem in shops.

Nutritional value of hemp seed

Both hemp oil and cannabis seeds in their usual form will help with immune system abnormalities and autoimmune diseases.

Hemp seeds are so valuable because of their fatty acid content. If you think that linseed oil is healthy, pay attention to cannabis oil, which has a much better omega-3 and omega-6 ratio, and contains more vitamin E and trace elements. By taking cannabis oil or eating seeds (preferably raw as a cocktail), you will improve your blood vessels and brain function.

Another benefit of eating cannabis is that it provides easily assimilable protein. Unlike beans and other plant products and protein shakes, hemp does not cause bloating. Beans and soya contain a large amount of harmful phytic acid, which inhibits the absorption of minerals from food. This substance is not found in hemp. They can be an alternative to soya, as no side effects of hemp have been discovered so far, which cannot be said of soya. For this reason, people who want to increase the amount of protein in their diet with plant-based substances should be interested in cannabis seeds. This is a very good dietary supplement for people on a vegetarian diet.

Hemp seeds contain 20 amino acids, including 9 of the 10 exogenous amino acids. Exogenous amino acids are those that we have to supply from food because the body does not produce them. Vegetarians and people on a diet suffer most from their deficiency. The protein available in cannabis seeds strengthens the immune system, reduces the risk of disease and removes toxins from the body.

Hemp proteins are similar in structure to blood albumin, so they are easily absorbed. Regular eating of cannabis seeds avoids nutrient deficiencies, which are not difficult when on a restrictive diet. They can also be used for people suffering from diseases resulting from cachexia, such as tuberculosis. They are also helpful when the body is unable to absorb nutrients from food, as happens, for example, when we suffer from coeliac disease.

Other substances

Hemp also contains a small amount of carbohydrates, iron, zinc, magnesium and 3% fibre (in husked seeds). It is worth remembering that they are quite energetic and, in 100 grams, contain 580 calories. Unshelled seeds contain much more fibre (over 30%) and are much less caloric. 

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