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December 4, 2022 3:26am

Seven questions you have to ask yourself before giving birth

1. have I completed all current affairs?

When you think about the preparations for childbirth, most often it comes to your mind to pack the bag to the hospital or to complete the layette and arrange the house with a view to the appearance of a baby in it. Meanwhile, there are at least a few more things to take care of to make it easier for yourself and other family members to function when you return from the hospital with your little one. Taking care of your child will consume a lot of time and energy, so many everyday matters will most likely end up at the end of the list of priorities. This can be the case with cooking, for example, so now that you are still strong, plan your meals and then prepare and freeze the basic elements of healthy lunches to which you only need to add fresh vegetables, for example, later. You can also buy products that have a long shelf life such as groats, rice and the like. This way you won't have to think about your menu or spend a lot of time on cooking or shopping. Remember that while breastfeeding you should not eat spicy or hard to digest foods and include this in the postnatal menu. Another everyday issue worth taking care of before the solution is home finance. When a child arrives at home, it's easy to forget your electricity or phone bill, so if you have the option, make all payments in advance. This way you will be able to focus on what is most important to you after the birth.

In which hospital do I want to give birth?

It is up to you to decide which hospital your child will be born in according to the regulations in force. It is important that it is a place that provides you with both a sense of comfort and safety. It consists of several elements - first of all, it is important to have qualified medical personnel, whose competences and experience are worth asking about. It is also a good idea to check what conditions of childbirth are offered by a given hospital, i.e. first of all whether there is a general room, where only a curtain will separate you from other parturients, or maybe a more intimate single room. For your convenience, also verify what - apart from the standard equipment - can be used in the delivery room, for example, whether there are gadgets that catch childbirth such as balls or sacks of sako.

When deciding which hospital you are going to give birth in, also ask about the procedures to follow in case of complications during childbirth or if the newborn would need to be given advanced medical care shortly after birth.

Do I know how to get to the chosen hospital?

The location of a hospital is also one of the factors that should be taken into account when choosing the place where you will give birth. However, it is not only the distance in kilometres that is important, but above all how long it takes to get there - and at different times, including rush hour. It is therefore a good idea to check several route variants and their traffic volume at different times. Thinking about how you get to the hospital, decide whether you will be taken by your partner, for example, or whether you would like to use a taxi (in the latter case, write down the numbers of several corporations on your phone right away). If you bet on your own transport, remember to make sure not only that the car is efficient and refuelled, but also to choose a driver-replacement - in case your partner cannot drive you for some reason.

Safe childbirth

Do I have all the current research results?

When you are admitted to the labour market, the hospital staff will require you to produce certain documents and provide you with up-to-date test results. You should carry with you an identity card, a pregnancy card, a birth plan, a document that confirms important insurance, as well as a written PESEL and NIP number - employer or your own in case you are running a business.

5. how will I give birth and if I want to use anaesthesia?

This question is also related to the decision to choose a birthday. It happens that in various institutions the patients have a greater or lesser influence on the course of childbirth - they can walk, use the bathtub or freely change their position during the first phase of childbirth, as well as during pushing. As the perineum incision is still routinely performed in some hospitals, it is advisable to discuss this issue with your doctor or midwife in advance. It would be a good idea to include these issues in the birth plan. You should also make sure that you can use pharmacological anaesthesia in the selected place and reserve this possibility (some centres require advance notice).

6. who will accompany me during childbirth?

The sight of men in the delivery hall no longer surprises anyone - many couples decide to give birth to their families. A large number of women admit that this makes them feel more secure and safe, and even less painful. Sometimes, however, the presence of a loved one at birth instead of helping to obstruct it. As you prepare to welcome your baby to the world, think about which solution is best for you.

7. do I know the vaccination programme for children?

During pregnancy, it is also worthwhile to familiarize yourself with the calendar of mandatory and recommended vaccinations for children. This will help to protect your baby from a number of sometimes really serious illnesses, the treatment of which could even require a hospital stay.

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