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December 1, 2023 1:39pm

How do I care for my child's first teeth?

How should I care for my first baby's teeth? Washing dairy products is, of course, a necessary procedure, and this must be borne in mind. Even before the first teeth appear, the gums should be washed. It is enough to soak a swab in warm water to perform this treatment.

Taking good care of your oral cavity will be very important. After the appearance of milk cubes, correct habits should be formed, so that the child will not have problems with teeth in the future. So how can this care of the first teeth look like?

1. take care of your mouth before the teeth appear

The first teeth in toddlers appear between 5 and 7 months of age. Of course, each toddler is different and this teething can start in a different period of time. At the beginning of the teeth are not visible, but their bindings are already in the gums. That is why you should always remember to take care of your child's oral cavity. The first activity will be washing the child's gums. Take the gauze at least twice a day and soak it in lukewarm boiled water. Then we clean the gums of the toddler to get rid of food residues and bacteria.

2. the care of the milk-producing animals without secrets

When the first tooth appears in the mouth, it is necessary to change the technique. To clean the first teeth, you will need to use a specially prepared toothbrush for babies. You can use a small toothbrush with soft bristles or silicone cleaning cloths that are applied to your finger. A small amount of toothpaste is applied to such a toothbrush and then the teeth are cleaned with sweeping movements. It is also necessary to choose a special paste for the first teeth.

Child's healthy teeth

3. prevention by investing in a child's healthy teeth in the future

If we want the child to have healthy milk teeth and then permanent teeth, we should take care of good prophylaxis as early as possible. Tooth brushing is a very important issue, but the diet of the toddler also counts. It is worth paying attention to the fact that in the menu there are products rich in calcium, most of this ingredient can be found in milk and its products.

Caries is a common condition among children and adults, so prevention will be much better than cure. Bacteria that cause caries eat sugar, so the amount of sweets and sweet drinks in a child's diet should be limited. We pay attention to the fact that in the evening the child drinks water and not fresh juices.

From an early age, we should make sure that the child learns to take care of oral hygiene and remember to brush their teeth regularly. This is an extremely important issue, because the condition of milkers will also have an impact on the condition in which they will one day be permanent. Therefore, from the first teeth it is important to take care of the teeth. Thanks to this, it will be possible to protect oneself from the situation in which a toddler will one day be a frequent visitor to dental surgeries. Each of us is aware of the fact that such visits are not pleasant for us and the child will not want to attend them either. Therefore, the child must be taught that caring for the teeth is very important.

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