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May 24, 2024 10:03pm


Mesotherapy is a treatment that will improve the condition of the skin and can prevent alopecia. This treatment will not only affect the treatment of the skin, but also rejuvenates and prevents some aesthetic problems. Mesotherapy will consist in introducing a good preparation into the skin, which will contain nourishing, regenerating or therapeutic substances.

Depending on the problem, these may be vitamins, organic acids, plant extracts, caffeine, oligoelements, hyaluronic acid.

Treatment is the basis of one of the many treatments that are in the offer of beauty salons. This is not a surgical procedure, but it can only be performed by medicine. Most often it is done by dermatologists and aesthetic medicine doctors. It is less common for surgeons and orthopaedists. It requires agile hands and very high precision when it comes to the dosage of the preparation. The doctor who will perform the procedure must know exactly the anatomy of the body, because only then will it be possible to perform the procedure properly.

What will mesotherapy affect?

Mesotherapy treatment will be applied in the field of conventional and aesthetic medicine. The indications will be neuralgia, excessive muscle tension, joint diseases, injuries resulting from practicing sports.

Mesotherapy is associated primarily with aesthetic medicine, where it will be used for prophylaxis, but also for treatment of some skin lesions or as a chance to reduce the effects of passing time. Indications for this treatment will be small wrinkles on the face, neck and décolletage, acne or acne scars, flabby, dehydrated face and body skin, cellulite, stretch marks, hair loss.

Effect after mesotherapy treatment

Needle mesotherapy

This treatment is available in several different varieties. However, it will always be a matter of introducing the preparation into the dermis, but the result can be achieved by different methods. During needle mesotherapy, active substances are introduced using special thin needles. We have special guns or rollers, which are able to perform such a procedure very precisely. What is important, such a procedure does not burden the kidneys and liver, which takes place when the preparation will be given in the form of tablets.

Needle-free mesotherapy

Another option is needle-free mesotherapy, so that substances are introduced under the skin by means of electroporation, i.e. with the help of special devices that will produce high-frequency electric current. The current increases the permeability of the mucous membranes for some time and thanks to this active substances are able to penetrate the skin.

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