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April 15, 2024 10:35am

Porcelain veneers, teeth whitening

Wonderful and white smile is nowadays a marker of success. However, abuse of coffee, tea or cigarettes has a negative effect on the colour of our teeth. Not too white teeth make a wide smile accompany us less and less often, and yet laughter is pure health. However, there is an appropriate way to do so.

Patients of dentistry are offered specialist teeth whitening treatments. Among them there are immediate and overlay ones. What are these treatments?

Tooth whitening by means of a diode lamp:

This is a way for people who want quick results. The procedure usually takes about an hour, then the teeth become snow-white.

Bleaching is done in the clinic using a concentrated bleaching agent, which is activated by means of LED light. The first stage is the proper cleaning of teeth from deposits and protected gums with the appropriate gel. Next, a whitening agent is applied to the teeth. Substances contained in the gel are activated under the influence of light. For about 15 minutes the product is exposed to light from the lamp. The best effect is obtained after 3-4 treatments.

Tooth whitening by means of an overlay:

Overlay teeth whitening is a time-consuming method. The first visit is to remove deposits and take impressions on the impression trays to be able to prepare overlays. At the next visit, the patient receives the overlays together with the bleaching gel. They are applied overnight for 10-14 days.

Usually asked questions:

Is bleaching safe?

Whitening under the supervision of your dentist is of course safe. The only side effect that can occur is temporary hypersensitivity of teeth, which disappears after about a day.

Methods of teeth whitening

What are the contraindications to bleaching?

Bleaching shall not be carried out during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Other contraindications include epilepsy and tooth diseases such as untreated caries, tetracycline discoloration or underdevelopment in the enamel.

How long does the whitening effect last?

The shortest year, sometimes up to several years, however, everything is related to the degree of hygiene, diet and individual conditions. In order to maintain the effect, overlay bleaching can be applied for one or two nights at an interval of several years.

How to take care of whitened teeth?

For two days after bleaching, you must follow a "white diet", so avoid any food or drink that might stain your teeth - for example, coffee, tea, cigarettes or coloured drinks.

Porcelain veneers

In order to obtain a beautiful smile, ceramic veneers may be a good solution. Thanks to them you can improve not only the color, but also the shape of your teeth. The teeth can also look more straightforward without the need for a tooth braces!

Veneers are nothing more than porcelain leaves, which are applied to the front part of the teeth, which can improve the shape and color of the teeth. In order to install veneers it may be necessary to grind the tooth layer as little as possible. The advantage of veneers is their durability and lack of ability to discolour.

All-ceramic crowns

For severely damaged teeth, which have numerous large fillings, porcelain crowns are the best choice - they are aesthetic and durable. The best ones are all-ceramic crowns, perfectly transmitting light, thanks to which they look very natural. Ceramic crowns, on the other hand, are used to strengthen teeth by restoring their colour and shape.

Inlays and onlays are made of porcelain, which makes it possible to rebuild the shape of the tooth perfectly. Thanks to this, they will replace the usual filling in case of large cavities, especially in posterior teeth.

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