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June 13, 2024 3:11am

Characteristics of lavender oil

Lavender oil is extracted from lavender flowers by steam distillation. Using it brings many health benefits: relieving nervous tension, relieving breathing problems. It can also have a beneficial effect on skin lesions, burns, abrasions, colds and treatment of respiratory tract inflammation.

Lavender oil has been known for centuries. It was used for aromatherapy and products based on this fragrance. It can be successfully combined with other essential oils, such as cedar tree, sage, pine, nutmeg. Today you can meet with the use of lavender oil as an aromatherapy oil - in the form of gel, liquid, soap.

Advantages of using lavender oil

Lavender oil repels insects

Thanks to the smell of lavender oil, you can effectively chase away any insects. It works on midges, moths, mosquitoes, but also on rodents or arachnids. In order to prevent bites from appearing on the skin, it is enough to apply oil to the exposed part of the skin. Although lavender oil evaporates quite quickly, it can effectively deter insects. This is due to the fact that it floats out of the skin, floats in the air and thus repels insects. However, if the insect manages to bite, lavender works in such a way that it does not feel too much, the pain and itching are extinguished and the oil has antiseptic properties.

For sleep problems

Lavender oil can be used instead of sleeping agents. It has relaxing properties, which effectively evokes sleepiness and makes you fall asleep faster. According to research carried out in elderly people who have difficulty falling asleep, positive effects were observed after discontinuation of sleeping medications and their replacement with lavender oil.

Use of lavender

Effects on the nervous system

The smell of the oil is known for its calming and relaxing effect. Thus, it can successfully soothe nerves and anxiety. It also improves moods when migraine pains, tensions, stress, depression occur. Thanks to the aroma of this oil it is possible to alleviate fatigue and support mental activity. It works well in the treatment of insomnia and in the regulation of the heart rate. Studies have shown that inhalation of lavender oil before examinations reduces stress levels and instead increases cognitive function.

Fight against acne

According to dermatologists, lavender oil has an excellent effect on the fight against acne - both in young people and adults. It can inhibit bacterial growth and reduce sebum secretion. It can be successfully added to creams and other acne cosmetics.

Soothing for pain

It can be used for muscle pains, tension pains, back pain, rheumatism. It also helps to relieve pain in the joints.

Effects on the urinary tract

Thanks to it, the stimulation of urine production is facilitated. Restores the hormonal balance and relieves possible bladder pain.

Respiratory system and blood circulation

Inhalation of the oil improves breathing and respiratory system condition. It can also improve blood circulation and reduce blood pressure.

It also influences hair care, digestion and helps with skin problems.

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