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July 23, 2024 8:24pm

What to buy if there is no room for the atlas?

Of course, the preparation of a home gym has its advantages. It will always be at your disposal, you don't have to spend money on the pass, you don't have to remember about the date of the next classes. But there will also be disadvantages here - it will take up a lot of space. So what can be done if the atlas cannot be entered into the room?

Plan everything

First of all, first of all, you need to find out what kind of training you will realize, whether you want to bet on cardio, strength training, or maybe on both. It will depend on what equipment we choose, what other accessories we want to buy. Actually, you don't need a lot of space to be able to practice effectively. First of all, it is enough to plan everything well so that there are no collisions of various elements.

Gym in your own room

If there is not enough space and you only have your own room at your disposal, you have to bet on universal equipment, which will bring many different possibilities. For example, rubber and exercise tapes work well. They can be folded and stored in a drawer, hanged in a wardrobe. Rubbers can be in the form of a band or as a flexible tape. They have different levels of resistance to stretching and the intensity of exercises depends on it. Manufacturers usually have colour coding. There is no single universal colour to match the resistance force, so it is always necessary to check what it looks like at a given manufacturer. Such equipment, which will undoubtedly not take up much space, will be a stick. It will allow you to exercise your shoulders or stomach. If it is fixed not at the top of the door but at the bottom, you will be able to exercise your abdomen and leg muscles. If you want to start your body and want to do cardio training it is worth having a stepper. It can be additionally equipped with links that will be used for hand training. Stepper has such an advantage over an orbiter or treadmill that it is not large and will fit comfortably under the bed, among others.


When we have a little more space

If someone has a slightly larger room, they may be a little more crazy with the available equipment. For aerobic exercises you can choose an orbiter or a stationary bicycle. They take up less space than the treadmill and will be continuous. When we think about what to choose, it will probably be better to buy an orbiter, because thanks to it you will be able to work with your whole body. It is also worth buying a stand and dumbbells. It's best to get three pairs of dumbbells, of course we don't have to do it right away. One can be quite light, the other a bit heavier and the third heaviest. In this way you will be able to do the different types of training in the right way. A lot of space will not take up the ball for exercise, so it is also worth having it in the socket, you will be able to do a fitness training with it without any problems, for example.

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