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May 24, 2024 9:28pm

Dog on holiday - what should we remember?

A vacation is a time of travel. However, many people cannot imagine leaving without their dog. So how do you protect your pet to make sure it's safe to travel? First of all, make sure that the animal is tolerated at its destination. It's very important to go abroad.

Transporting a dog abroad

Dog excursions around Europe aren't very complicated. Most EU countries use the same legal solutions. A dog only needs to be equipped with a chip that allows it to be identified. Tattoos created before 2011 are also honored. You must also have a passport with information about the anti-rabies vaccination.

However, some countries have more complicated procedures. In the case of Malta, Ireland, Finland and the UK, your dog must be protected against tapeworms. The drugs should be administered 24 to 120 hours before crossing the border. However, the most restrictive regulations are in force in Australia where it is generally not possible to take your dog on a short trip. There is a one-month quarantine and the dog has to spend half a year in an approved country.

It is especially important to keep an eye on your dog when he is not yet 3 months old or is a dangerous breed. In some countries such dogs are not allowed to be imported or additional requirements must be met. In extreme cases, the animal may even be put to sleep.

the carriage of a dog

Safe transport of your dog

If public transport is used, it is necessary to comply with the carrier's rules. On a bus or train, a dog must have a leash and a muzzle. It's a little harder on a plane. Some lines do not transport animals at all. If this is acceptable, please refer to the detailed guidelines. A dog that weighs up to 8 kg can generally be carried in the passenger cabin together with its owner. Larger animals travel in the cargo hold.

In the case of a passenger car, it is worth taking care of harness straps connected with hooks. However, animal transporters are a better solution.

Gadgets for holiday expeditions

Throughout the whole trip, the dog must have access to fresh water. This is where the special drinking bottles come in. They do not take up much space and are very functional at the same time. Do not drink water from ponds, lakes or fountains. It is often enriched with chemical substances, which is very dangerous for the animal. In addition, remember that many dogs can't stand the heat well. That's why they need to rest in the shade often.

Holidays are more exercise for your dog It's worth taking care of the comfortable suspenders. In the mountains, special lanyards for running are useful. The dog should also be equipped with a recipient with the data of its owner in case of getting lost.

A well planned holiday with a dog can be really nice. After all, all dogs love walking and exploring new places. Above all, however, it is important to ensure that they travel safely and keep their needs in mind at all times.

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