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March 1, 2024 2:58am

Is teeth whitening painful?

Today, in dental surgeries we can undergo treatments that will make our teeth whiter not even within a few days, but several dozen minutes. If the promotion is in progress, the cost of such a procedure does not have to exceed several hundred zlotys. It is therefore worth asking ourselves whether bleaching is safe and, consequently, whether we should take advantage of this opportunity.

Dental surgeries know how to tempt us to get acquainted with their services. After all, they offer a beautiful smile without effort, and who wouldn't like to boast about it? Currently, teeth whitening is one of the most popular treatments performed in dental surgeries, and even - one of the most popular of a wide range of treatments allowing you to enjoy a beautiful appearance. White to usually associate not only with beauty, but also with health, and it does not matter that the color of teeth does not tell us so much about the condition in which they are in. When we analyze the whitening agent manufacturers' offers, we usually learn that their products eliminate not only hypersensitivity, but also toothache, which is often experienced by patients during the procedure.

Where did this pain during tooth whitening come from?

According to these assurances, only a few percent of patients experience hypersensitivity, and even then it is only light and you don't have to worry about it too much. However, if we talk to people who have already whitened their teeth themselves, we can often hear that the painfulness of the procedure is much greater than we would expect. Interestingly, almost every dental hypersensitivity measure found in the pharmacy is described as one that effectively counteracts the pain experienced after bleaching, and this suggests that we are dealing with something more than just the subjective impressions of hypersensitive patients.

Effects of whitening on teeth

So it is worth to be aware, that during the whitening almost always patients are accompanied by an impression, that someone is pressing their teeth. Unfortunately, it happens anyway that there is also pain - radiating and quite strong. Sometimes it does not disappear even after the surgery, so there is no shortage of people who admit that the feeling of pain caused them to wake up at night with an unpleasant feeling. Hypersensitivity may persist even for a few weeks, and the problem also applies to those patients who do not have defects. This is largely due to the fact that bleaching agents can irritate our gums. Sometimes they cause wounds and irritations, and even erosions, the latter being a particularly unpleasant experience.

Why is bleaching painful?

Teeth overlays themselves may also be a problem, especially if the way in which they were made raises some doubts. The doctors themselves admit that the pain that their patients feel after the whitening procedure is not yet fully understood by the representatives of the world of science. It is most likely that during the procedure natural organic compounds from gums and dentine are oxidized. Dyestuffs, which make the colour of our teeth do not meet our expectations, are oxidized and the teeth become lighter.

The problem, however, is that it happens at the expense of pain. The pain reaction can also be a consequence of direct contact between the whitening substance and the tooth pulp. Fortunately, we deal with this phenomenon relatively rarely, because if it was more common, one of the adverse effects of whitening would be considered to be pulp necrosis, which patients would certainly prefer to avoid. It is also worth remembering that it is more correct to talk about brightening rather than whitening teeth.

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