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June 13, 2024 3:23am

What are the best dumbbells exercises?

Many people are looking for exercises that can also be done at home. They are helped by dumbbells, i.e. a very universal assortment. They have a positive effect on biceps, but they also help to gain adequate body strength (useful while running). Strength training brings quick results, and you can find out more about the settings and ways to lift dumbbells in the following article.

Dumbbells yes but not running

Running with hantlas in your hands seems to be an optimal exercise, but this is only an apparent benefit. Then the runner's attitude changes, which in turn has a negative impact on our body. Even a slow trot can have negative effects. Tight arms, leaning and squeezed hands cause that our movement has nothing to do with free running. In the long run such exercises will also be felt by our ligaments and joints.

Start with lighter

If we have not been in contact with the gym, we should start with relatively light dumbbells. The silhouette building process (back, biceps and chest muscles) must be slow. It is not worthwhile to take the "moon hoe" and strain the muscles already in the first week of work. Let's start with weights of 1-5 kilograms, and then let's decide on heavy, 10 kg proposals. Basic equipment is available at a price from 20 to 50 PLN.

Sitting down with....

The muscles of the buttocks are particularly important for women. Sitting at a wide angle engages these parts perfectly. We associate it with sumo techniques, but it is an interesting exercise every day. During the bow we develop, among others, the quadriceps of the thighs and adductors.

... and kettlebell

Kettlebell is an alternative to dumbbells. The sittings described above can be performed together with a heavier weight. However, technology is important because the weight of this assortment is 16 (or even 20) kilograms. It uses a handle that makes it easier to exercise. The position in the striker is identical, but the kettlebell is placed in the middle of the height. During lifting, we work with both hands and legs.

dumbbells for exercise

Paddle farming

A very engaging exercise that develops many muscle groups. The athlete stands with the body leaning forward, but with the trunk straightened in the fall. Then he makes movements known from rowing. Simple exercise affects the muscles of the back, shoulder and quadrilateral. It engages triceps and helps to maintain a simple silhouette.

Squeeze out on a bench

Suggestions mainly for people with a gym ticket. Squeezing on the bench at the right angle allows us to develop biceps and triceps. The trainer sits down, rests with his back and grasps the dumbbell. He then squeezes them out by moving his arms to the sides. From the unfolded position, it lifts the weights back and then returns to the original position. Our chest will also notice the effects.

Diagrams with hantlines

Among the exercises performed in series, there is also a variety of traditional step. Dumbbells help us to balance the effects. The exaggerated leg should be at right angles (knee joint). Many people's mistake is hunchiness in a step. Remember to keep your back straight! Dumbbells allow us to exercise the lower muscles (thighs, buttocks) and upper muscles (shoulders, chest).

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