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April 15, 2024 11:11am

Botox - Retain your youth

A lot of controversy has arisen over the botox injection procedure. All because an exaggerated or unprofessional treatment can create an unsatisfactory, comical effect. Meanwhile, made by a professional in a proper way, using modern equipment can in an unusual way improve the beauty. What is botox, what is its injection and where can it be safely performed?

What's botox?

Botox is also known as a botulinum toxin. Its preparations used in medicine are laboratory produced from isolated strains of bacteria, which are then purified and vacuum packed in appropriately measured doses. Botulinum toxin was used in aesthetic medicine due to its influence on the neuromuscular junction. When injected, the muscles are paralysed and the facial features are significantly softened. What is important, the effect of botox is not only to smooth out wrinkles, but also to inhibit the deepening of existing wrinkles, as well as to prevent the formation of new ones.

For whom is botox recommended?

It is worth noting that botox is used in medicine to treat various diseases such as strabismus, neurological diseases associated with high muscle tension or excessive sweating. Of course, it is also recommended for patients who have mimic wrinkles. By injecting botulinum toxin, you can smooth your forehead, crow's feet and the so-called "lion's wrinkle". Doses of the preparation are always strictly matched to the case of the patient, so there can be no question of systemic toxicity. It should be noted, however, that there are certain contraindications to perform the procedure. These are mainly allergies and allergies, muscle diseases, inflammations of the skin and pimples, as well as pregnancy and breastfeeding. It is also worth remembering that treatments using botulinum toxin can be performed up to two to three times a year at intervals of four to six months. That way, we'll be safe and sound.

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What is a botox injection procedure?

Although it might seem different, the treatment is very fast and simple - the time of one treatment does not exceed even 30 minutes. What is more, it is practically painless, but it is possible to use an anaesthetic ointment for patients who are particularly sensitive to pain. The preparation is injected under the skin with a very thin needle and small doses. It is very important to follow the recommendations after the treatment. For 2-3 hours do not bend down and lay down and do not massage in the injection areas. On the other hand, it is not recommended to use treatments that use deep infrared, radio waves or laser for a few weeks. The effect we obtain depends on the age, condition of the skin or the area of botox injection. It is visible after about two days and lasts from 4 to 8 months.

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