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May 24, 2024 10:00pm

What is laser striage removal?

Laser striae removal draws attention to itself primarily because it can help us eliminate striae throughout the body, not just on the abdomen and thighs. It is also an extremely popular form of striae removal, which should not surprise anyone if you consider its effectiveness.

Stretch marks removal - indications and contraindications

Unfortunately, although we are dealing with a procedure to which many warm words are addressed, it must be reckoned with the fact that not everyone can surrender to it. Contraindications include cancer, diabetes, herpes, scarring tendency, and even fresh tan.

Laser striae removal - description of the procedure

The treatment consists in getting rid of thin layers of skin around stretch marks. Yes, the same effect can be achieved by cutting diseased skin, but the laser seems to be a more effective solution because it disturbs molecular bonds in the tissue, and this leads to ablation. Already after the treatment, the skin heals quickly, and where the skin with stretch marks was previously, a new, healthy one appears. Laser allows you to exfoliate the old epidermis through the impulses it sends to the female body. They contribute to the fact that skin renewal processes are stimulated, and consequently, the dermis can regenerate. The laser can be used by means of fractionation and dermabrasion techniques. In the latter case we are dealing with a complete exfoliation of the epidermis.

Removal of striae

Laser striage removal - effects

The effect of the treatment is not always the same. They are usually influenced by the degree of advancement of striae and how long they have existed. The older and more serious they are, the more difficult it becomes to remove them. Unfortunately, if you decide to undergo the procedure, you should expect that one session may not be enough. It is usually recommended that there should be at least ten of them, because then we can be sure that we will fully eliminate the problem. In extreme cases, even a whole series of treatments may prove to be insufficient.

Laser striae removal - treatment after the procedure

Immediately after the treatment you should take into account the fact that your skin will not only be reddened, but also sensitive. It cannot be otherwise, however, since its diseased layers have been removed. It may also happen that there are blisters and other signs associated with burns, but even in this case you don't have to be afraid, because they don't last too long. The healing process can last up to a few weeks, although usually after just a few days you can count on its completion. When deciding on a procedure, it is worth choosing an office with experience to avoid possible disappointment.

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