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May 24, 2024 9:25pm

How to choose nutrients?

One of the most important building blocks of muscle mass is a good diet. It is easy to determine the body's need for specific ingredients and plan meals. It's harder to find time to prepare everything and consume the right amount of calories if you still have to work or go to school.

What nutrients for muscle mass?

There are plenty of dietary supplements. Some of them help as they should, but the vast majority is just throwing the money into the mud. That is why it is important to take a closer look at all the supplements, find out where they come from and to whom they are recommended. It should be noted, however, that the muscles will not grow by themselves, for which training is needed, and supplements are only intended to help the process of regeneration.


Protein is the basic building block of muscles and without an adequate supply of it, building muscle mass will be impossible. Protein supplements are therefore very popular, which allow for quick supplementation of deficiency of this ingredient. The optimal amount of protein needed for muscle growth is about 2g/kg of body weight.

Proteins are divided into isolates, concentrates, hydrolysates and protein matrixes, i.e. a combination of the above mentioned types. Mixes are best for beginners who do not yet know their body. Protein isolate works best for advanced athletes.

As far as the types are concerned, the most popular nowadays are two - micellar casein and whey. For an ordinary user, the most important thing is that both types differ in absorption length. In the casein casein is a longer time, so it is recommended overnight. The whey gets into the muscles only 30 minutes after consumption. For this reason, it is ideal for use after training and between meals.

One should also pay attention to the purity of protein, i.e. there should be as much protein in the composition as possible. Usually the purest protein is hydrolysate.

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Carbohydrate supplementation is very rarely needed, as it is easy to supplement them with normal food. For this reason, the supplement described below is much more popular.


It is a carbohydrate/protein conditioner. For this reason shake with gainer can be considered as a full meal. Gainer should be used as a last resort when we really do not have time to eat a full-fledged product. In any other situation it is better to use pure protein.

In most gainers we deal with the advantage of carbide over protein. Unfortunately, these are usually simple carbohydrates, which are absorbed quickly and lead to the formation of adipose tissue. The same situation with regard to proteins. Usually we are dealing with low quality amino acids of plant origin. It is not worth investing in this type of products, because we will not achieve good effects of muscle tissue growth on them.

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