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April 15, 2024 10:43am

BOTOX - conjures up wrinkles. What is worth knowing about it?

Botox will be able to make scratches resulting from wrinkles become mild and the face will look younger. If we want to get rid of the scratches caused by natural sagging and falling skin, we should look for other solutions. Botulinum toxin is a substance that is produced by anaerobic bacteria.

It is popularly known as sausage venom, because it is naturally produced in sausages and cans that are perishable. If the sausage venom swallows it is dangerous because it is a strong poison. However, if injected under controlled low doses, it will not cause harmful effects

At what age is it best to make botox injections?

You will be able to go for the treatment when you are 25 years old, because sometimes it is the case that these mimic wrinkles appear quite quickly. In this case, botox can be treated as injected prophylactically. The less often the forehead wrinkles, the less risk that such wrinkles will appear and then in the future they will become permanent and will be visible without any facial expressions.

How does botox work?

Mimic wrinkles are the result of high muscle activity in parts of the face. The muscle contracts when it gets a nerve fibre signal. If we inject nerve botox there, it will not send impulses, and this will lead to the fact that there will be no muscle activity. This condition will last for about 6 months. Then the effect of the toxin weakens slightly. Some people may still feel it after 8-10 months, depending on their individual predispositions.

Preparation for surgery

Preparations for botox

Before performing the procedure we do not need to perform tests. You only need a detailed medical interview at the beginning of the visit. The doctor will ask if there are no neurological diseases, if the woman is not pregnant or if she is not breastfeeding. If there are inflammatory conditions in the body, the patient takes painkillers and blood thinners, then the procedure should be postponed. This is because after injections bruises may appear. Treatment is not performed also during menstruation.

Creams à la botox

Recently, cosmetics have appeared on the market, which are supposed to act as a toxin. However, such creams are only preparations that contain hexapeptides that can relax the muscles, but are not able to provide effects such as botox. There is no option to compare these products. Alternatively, these creams may be a care product after the treatment, which will support the effects, but will not replace botox.

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