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June 13, 2024 2:16am

How to effectively lighten teeth?

Many people dream of white teeth, but usually we don't realize that whitening toothpaste and stripes are just some of the ways to achieve this goal. So how to take care of your teeth and restore their former whiteness. It is worth stressing at the outset that the natural colour of patients' teeth is not always the same. What is more, it may happen that the teeth of the same person will have different colors.

Many factors influence the color of teeth and although many people find it difficult to believe it, it turns out that our genes are not the least important of them. They determine the mineralization of tissues, have an influence on their chemical composition, thickness and shade of enamel, and above all - the color of dentin. However, the colour of teeth also depends on time and there is no exaggeration in claiming that the enamel will clash with age. Unfortunately, very often it is us who decide that we cannot even dream of white teeth. Their color has both our diet and habits such as smoking. Discoloration is also caused by some medicines and poor oral hygiene, which is not a rare problem at all.

Tooth whitening - start by removing the tartar

Very often it turns out that our problem with discolorations is not as serious as it seems to us, and dealing with it becomes possible at the same time when we decide to visit a dental surgery and clean the enamel from tarnish and stone. Tartar can be a serious problem, but there are at least some effective ways to get rid of it. Even after the teeth have been cleaned, it is not harmful if the dentist inspects the restorations. It may turn out that the ones we have been wearing for a long time also become discoloured.

Effective bleaching pastes

Tooth whitening - whitening toothpastes

If we are interested in simple, effective and, above all, non-invasive solutions, we may be interested in the possibilities offered by bleaching pastes. These are especially suitable where discolouration is small and they brighten teeth by at least one, and sometimes also by two tons. If you don't want to spend money in the dark, let's look carefully at the packaging and get acquainted with the RDA abrasiveness index on the packaging before buying it. This should not be higher than 200, as it can damage the enamel. It is precisely this problem that makes bleaching pastes not to be used for more than two months.

Pastes alone are not everything. Special toothbrushes and even mouth rinsing liquids are also available today. Toothbrushes usually have rubber toothbrushes, whose task is to polish the surface of the teeth. Fluids in turn minimize the risk of plaque build-up. If we want to take more decisive action, we can always turn to belts and special overlays and bleaching gels. In this case, the active substance in the vast majority of cases is hydrogen peroxide. The treatment lasts from two to three weeks, and the effect lasts even half an eye, contributing to the whitening of teeth from three or four tons.

Dentist's cap

Even more effective is the overlay method used not at home, but in the dentist's surgery. This time we are dealing with solutions that are created in the dentist's office and are characterized by the fact that they are tailored to our individual needs. The doctor also helps us to choose the gel that is best suited to whitening our teeth. Another interesting method is under lamp treatment. It is often referred to as an impatient procedure, because it takes about an hour, and the teeth can be brightened by up to five tons.

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