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May 18, 2022 5:38am

Healthy vegan cosmetics

The vegans usually extend their dietary choices to other areas of life, including makeup and care. It is obvious that a vegan or a person avoiding animal products in cosmetics will not buy cream with goat's milk or serum with caviar. However, there are a number of less obvious ingredients to be careful of.

Collagen and elastin

Collagen and elastin are very popular in cosmetics that lift and shallower wrinkles and are proteins of animal origin. Elastin causes skin tension and makes it more flexible. Sometimes it is of synthetic origin, although most often it comes from animal tissues. It is obtained from the bodies of cows and birds. Although it does not build itself into the human body and does not perform the same functions as it did in animal tissue, it binds water and helps to maintain a high level of hydration. A similar effect is shown by collagen, which is very common in the human body. This protein occurs in the skin, it also builds tendons and bones. Most often, for the needs of the cosmetic industry, it is obtained from pig tissues. Collagen is also used by plastic surgeons, carrying out many treatments to rebuild damaged tissue or fill in wrinkles.


This protein can only be produced by keratinocytes, cells located in the skin of mammals. Particularly popular in hair restoration and protection cosmetics. Keratin extracts, which are found in these cosmetics, are usually obtained from sheep's wool and bird's claws. This in turn is most often associated with the death of these animals. Keratin does not build permanently into human hair, so the effect is very fragile. Moreover, it also contains harmful formaldehyde.


It is obtained from the gastrointestinal tract of black puddles. As a result of indigestion, it is deposited and then flows to the water surface. It has an unpleasant smell, but when alcohol is added, it takes on a new smell, which is used to enhance the smell of perfume.

Musk and civet

Musquash and muskrat have rectal glands that produce secretion - musk. In order to obtain this secretion, muskrats are grown for the perfumery industry, which also supplies meat and leather. Civet, on the other hand, is a secretion of mammals from the family of civilians, which live mainly in Africa. The substance is also used in perfumes. In order to obtain them, it is necessary to kill the civet, or at least bring it to a prolonged, severe stress, and then surgically cut out the glands.

Healthy vegan cosmetics


It is wax of animal origin, most often obtained from sheep, lamas, rabbits. Used in creams and moisturizing ointments, gives very good results, but also causes allergic reactions.


Moisturizing substance obtained from shellfish armour. It retains water well in the skin and creates an effective protective film, but requires the killing of crabs or other animals.

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